smoking at the country club

Discussion in 'General' started by johnnytoobad, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. so ive been playing golf at a semi-private country club for over the last year.....and i love to smoke while i play several times ive been put with groups to play with (im always a single) and sometimes it has worked out where we are examining each others weed before were even teed off.....(just dont try asking peeps if they smoke though, i have a keen sense as do most of us on whos a stoner)
    ne ways ive made friends with members and golf with them most often now. all retired all filthy fuckin rich raging alcoholics and becoming marijuna curious. they know i smoke. its fucking awesome i can bring a joint on the green with they want me to get them weed now....which im gonna cause i know these guys and pigs dont get 65 and 70 yr olds to do buys...(its the guy on the surfing forum who im not gonna get weed for) Is there a recorded history of someone turning out country club members to herb? ne ways i feel like im in uncharted territory....I think i am a greaat stoner for this action.....with proof that im not jus making this up am i elgible for ne kind of award. like the heisman for weed....yeah i just need some positive reinforcement and ill continue to turn these old men on to a green plant and make their golden years green years
  2. Cool story bro.

  3. Not sure why there would be.
    But i guess that's good you can smoke on the job, till your boss finds out.

  4. i dont work there....truly im am so ghetto i have no biz being a public smoker....alas i have a lil golf game and am well mannered....i am not fucking well spoken though.........wheres my god damn reward....where is my stupid trophy, i want to be in weed hall of fame......

    shit i better stop waiting on friends to smoke this J....gettin aggro.....Jk have a great day.......
  5. Good job but you shouldn't be in the weed hall of fame. Have you told them how weed exactly affects them, why it should be legalized, in other words, what are you doing to progress weed into legalization? A lot of those old fucks suck cock and yet they are against gay marriage and gay rights, so don't tell me that them smoking weed = they're pro weed.

    Its a cool story but you haven't progressed the legalization movement.

  6. we did speak of legalization,and how i believed it would make their golden years great.....

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