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Smoking at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bigjohn420, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Has anyone smoked at Shlitterbahn i am going in a week and if so where is the best place to.I was thining about floating the river and smoking a blunt but im not sure.
  2. Weed's illegal in Texas, including medical. Add that to you're going to a tourist attraction with tons of KIDS. Smoke before you go not while you're there. If you somehow snuck a pipe with you I recall there being a covered cave that's like maybe 20 yards long on the lazy river part. Could try a hit in there if you want.

    God I loved Sclitterbahn like 10 years ago when I was a kid.....
  3. yeah it's gonna be fairly difficult to actually smoke inside the park, but i'm sure if you found an inconspicuous enough parking spot you could torch a few bowls or an L in the parking lot before going inside
  4. ahhhh, schlitterbahn :hello:
  5. I wouldn't go for it. It's a fairly secure park... Texas cops are notorious for persecuting potsmokers.

    Just smoke on the way or eat a bunch of brownies/cookies...
  6. Spliff. Menthol is good for hiding the pot smell.
  7. What is an L ? I know what it means but I don't at the same time. Can someone explain?
  8. its a blunt, you should roll one up:smoking:
  9. ive smoked there. it was a joint. and we just lit it up with a bunch of use smoking cigs to. it turned out its a no smoking park.
  10. Dude schlitterbahn is the shit. Been there at least 10 times. Doubt you could smoke in there though. Im prolly gonna go there sometime this summer. Ill try to smoke before:smoking:
  11. Schlitterbahn...memories. I used to live in San Marcos. Went every day in the summer. I miss it, but I really can't complain about moving to San Francisco.

    Definitely bring edibles. In public, you need to be inconspicuous, and smoke is not at all that.
  12. get one of the hotel rooms that's like 20 feet away from the park. then just chief out back on the balcony or vape in the room, then run right back and jump in the lazy river. that's what i'm planning on doing this summer
  13. Smoking on the river is great! But I wouldnt smoke in the park though. There are basically no secluded places (I've been there. It's great!)
  14. I'd say do it outside of the park or in the parking lot. If you really want to risk it, do it by the hotel rooms by the lazy river. I went there a few days ago and there were no cops in that area. All of the lifeguards look like stoners, so I doubt they'd rat on you.

  15. Dont judge a book from its cover...thats what mi mummy always said. :cool:
  16. Live in San Antonio, me a few friends were thinking about doing that this summer or go to Six Flags. Our main plan is just to eat a few homemade brownies right before we go in and when it wears off, go to the car and repeat since you can walk back in later.

    Hope that helps.

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