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smoking at Kid Cudi concert?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by cdhfootball_21, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. im going to a cudi concert this thursday in NYC. the place holds 1200 people with general admission (no seats). do you think people will be lighting up?
  2. ha, probably, and for your sake: HOPEFULLY! hope you enjoy the concert!

  3. lol dont worry were stacked....brownies on train, blunts inside :hello::smoking:. mmmmmm. and thanks.
  4. Hell yeah... you should be fine. People for sure will be smoking... just don't be one that gets caught. I'm jealous... Cudi's Ann Arbor show sold out in 2 minutes flat.
  5. where should i hide my blunts when i get checked at the door?
  6. You could put them in a pack of cigarettes or if you are really worried just tape them to your leg.
  7. blunts inside? might be a little much lol
  8. yea i've been to one before dude kid cudi concerts are a fucking experience
  9. I went to a B.O.B, Asher Roth and Kid Cudi concert, tons of blunts goin around, i was shitfaced and got high as fuck for free.
  10. Strap em' to your leg, or just bring a dugout. Or make some firecrackers and eat em before the concert.
  11. Cudi sparked up at Summer Jam this summer. On stage. You should be just fine.
  12. Hell yeah dude, nobody is going to give a shit about marijuana. Just don't act like a fool and you should be fine.
  13. dude it's a concert... everyone ( a bit over exaggerated) smokes. if you are really worried, just go where the most people are that are cool, don't huddle, and don't take big hits (smoke is really obvious indoors assuming it's inside). if it's outdoors you're in the clear, but seeing as it's nyc it's probably inside.

  14. Yeah, you could probably look at the stadium or w.e online. But yeah if it's inside then you're shit out of luck; Id eat brownies on the way there if that was the case.
  15. smuggle joints/blunts (depending on size) in your shoes. wore a pair of shoes that had a little room in them to a nas concert where fools were getting caught with dope in the cigarette cases and under their hats. at the concert they did a full pat down, legs and all.
  16. Sneak-a-toke.

    get one!

  17. forgot about the brownies, i'd save them for the concert somehow and smoke en route
  18. when kid cudi came to gainesville i smoked a blunt at the concert, and there were multiple people blazing around me i would just either bring a blunt or joint so u can ditch it or eat it if anything happens
  19. Put your blunts inside of a cigar tube. Put a thick rubber band around your thigh. Stick the cigar tube in the rubber band on inner thigh. You're set.
  20. going to a cudi concert tonight at Duke Uni in NC. its going to be wild ^^

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