Smoking at Disney World Feedback Needed!

Discussion in 'General' started by Michael Gary Scott, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I have a trip planned to Disney World soon and I am looking for some feedback on some trips you guys have taken there. I plan on smoking in the park(any of them) so I was wondering if you guys can help me to answer a few questions:

    - Where is it possible to smoke inside of the parks?
    - What are the best things to experience?
    - Any other tips/suggestions are welcome

    Thank you
  2. I wouldn't do it...
  3. why smoke in the park and possibly get caught when you can smoke at your hotel or hell anywhere else and just walk in and out of the park freely?
  4. I w ould hit a 1 hitter in the smoking areas of the park, but I wouldnt straight up smoke there.
  5. I respect your eagerness to hang out with Mickey stoned, but we're not there yet as a society to be burning in that type of atmosphere .... Be patient my friend, the time in life will come sooner if we all act cool about it!

    Seriously Dude! I want you to get stoned and hump all the Disney things you can, just don't make "smoke" when you get high! ...........Be cool!

    You better give us a play by play when you do Mini Mouse!
  6. you should just make edibles
  7. make firecrackers. smoking in the parks is risky too many people working there and its a kiddie environment. do as i did take acid in epcot
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    I went on a trip last year with a bunch of friends (one of them brought a couple blunts to the park) and we smoked on the dinosaur ride... it was badass haha they actually took the picture on the ride and one of the guys had the blunt in his mouth.... Anyways I wouldnt walk around doing it unless you see alot of ppl smoking cigs or something. But defiantly smoke before you go to the park because it will make the park even better, and its still pretty awesome sober.

    Edit: If you go to Animal Kingdom (I know not the most appealing place) take the ride that takes you through the "jungle". You get to see so many animals and its actually pretty tight, you can see Alligators, rhinos and other stuff that you don't normally get to see in person.
  9. Smoking inside the park would be a nightmare unless you're just a careless smoker who doesn't worry about getting caught

    Do it in/near your hotel or in the parking lot of the park or like others have suggested, make brownies or firecrackers. Doing it inside the park is just asking for trouble.
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  11. Most of you gave me some good or useful information so thanks for that. I think i've developed a strategy for my trip. The reason I was asking about smoking in the park is that its not so easy to just walk out for 10 minutes then stroll in stoned. Its much easier to smoke a blunt on the sky tram or some shit then do all that. Does anyone have tips on how to get brownies or some herb-food into the park? How well do they search your bags and all that? Please, first hand accounts only. I don't need to hear "I wouldnt do it.." because I dont give a shit.
    Thanks again
  12. Eat them before you go

    They take time to kick in anyway
  13. they just do a quick search of your bag but and i think as long as the brownie doesnt smell like bud it'll be fine

    yeah its a better idea to eat because smoking will only leave you high for 2-3 hours and waiting in line for shit is already like an hour
  14. Why not make edibles. It will allow you to stay high throughout the day instead of having to smoke off site, coming to the park and having your high diminish slowly.

    Just make some rice crispy treats or something and keep your ass high all day.
  15. Very good guys
    Thank you
  16. this is what i do on vacations, get a lot of weed before the trip and grind it up real fine. If i get enough kief i just use that...empty out some tobacco in a cig, put a couple hit layers in there and refill the rest of the tobacco. By the time someone smells weed ur just smokin a cig. Couple kief hits and youll be good.
  17. Yeah. If Disney has designated smoking areas (which I think they do), just empty out a a cig and fill it with some ground bud.

    What I would personally do, is take out all of the tobacco, fill the cig with bud, replace the filter with a roach, and just spark up making sure no one's down-wind. Most kids don't know what reefer smoke smells like anyway.

    If you're paranoid about getting caught even with this, you can always do what the above guy said and leave the filter in or whatever, but I really doubt security would get to you in time before you finished it up, so no worries. Have fun, and make sure no one's down-wind. :)
  18. I'd sugges taking some food with you. Its much more low key than blazing. I have a Disneyland pass and when we wanna be ripped there. We take an ample supply of cookies. YOu figure you're going there on vacation. Why eff it up with getting caught toking. They can't kick you out for eating a cookie.
  19. Cookies and brownies are troublesome to make. Smoke a cig-joint like a man. :3

  20. They only search your stuff if you have bags or anything that your taking in, so just make some and either eat them before you go there or put a couple in plastic wrap and take them in.

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