Smoking at Concerts

Discussion in 'General' started by naboo, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. On Thursday I'm going to see Symphony X (AMAZING band) at the Worcester Palladium and I would really love to smoke there. The thing is, it's a pretty small venue and I'm a little paranoid about getting caught smoking and kicked out. This is really frightening because for their encore they're playing their 24 minute super-epic about the Odyssey and I'd rather die than miss that :(.

    So does anyone have any experience with smoking at smaller concerts like these? I was thinking either using a joint or a one hitter that looks like a cigarette and possibly going to the bathroom to smoke. Any tips? Maybe I'm just being paranoid.
  2. well if your dying to go, dont smoke. the only concert where they really dont give a fuckk, is marley fest. even ultra they were throwin kids out.
  3. I wouldn't even worry about it. Especially if you're using a one hitter, pack a bowl and blaze.

    They fucking kicked my ass out for one of my friends taking a sip from a cup that had alcohol in it. I had to fucking drive all the way back to CT with two other people that got kicked out, we didn't even see the first show. And trust me, we weren't the only ones kicked out that night.

    The fucking guards are dicks, and once you go in you CAN'T leave, not even if you have your ticket, you'll have to buy a new one, can't even smoke cigs in there, I saw them kick out some kids who tried.

    Symphony X rocks my socks, I think the band is sweet, but I wouldn't see them at the Palladium, and I'm never fucking going there again.
  5. firecrackers were invented for these ocasions
  6. naboo, why not eat some brownies beforehand, or during? Get that loooong ass high.

    Also, d-block, good to see someone else who's been to marley fest. :wave:
  7. Thanks man (and everyone else), this is exactly the kind of advice I needed.

    Well shit, looks like it's firecrackers for me.

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