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Smoking at College

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by em3r1c, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I am packing up all of my paraphernalia for school and I started thinking "how the fuck am I gonna smoke?" Does anyone know any tricks for smoking in a dorm room with a smoke detector? or whatever, i just need help.
  2. plastic bag taped around smoke alarm (do not take off wall or take out batteries). Then if you have a window in the room you just open it up, have a fan near the other end blowing out the window (one big one or two small), and then use a sploof as well. Gravity bongs and flows are the safest way to go, unless you have a vap. Make sure to put active carbon in the sploof and your straight, happy toking. :smoking:

    EDIT: Also get a rubber door stopper and use it to plug up the crack under the door.
  3. Kinda depends on how your dorm is set up, but you shouldn't have a problem. Just put a plastic bag over the smoke detector just in case. My school is pretty laid back when it comes to that kind of stuff though so I don't know how your experience will be.
  4. The answer lies in vaporizing, no smell + no smoke. Or Of course bowlcruises:eek:
  5. homie when i was in summer college i just made friends with all the frat kids and went to the fraternities
    they smoke and drink and party literally ALL day
    also, even if you wanna just chill and blaze in your room,
    you could still sploof it and open the window/fan it out
    take a walk in a scenic area, ride in a car, etc.
    there are plenty of ways to smoke in college, i did it almost every day
  6. thanks for the timely and descriptive responses, at first i was worried i wouldn't be able to smoke much. also...whats a sploof and how do i use it?
  7. in my dorm we got a private bathroom, so we just turn on the shower really hot, let steam build up and smoke, and blow the smoke towards the vent in the shower. Wet towel under all doors.
  8. I didn't risk smoking in my dorm first year.. I met a few people who got caught. I just took a walk outside and smoked blunts or joints usually. I could do bowls too but blunts were the least obvious. I just walked out and walked down the road and sparked up.. looked like I was walking to the store while smoking a cig or cigar.
  9. i think quasimoto's suggestion is the most on-track for what i'm thinking of, thanks
  10. take a plastic water bottle and stuff dryer sheets in it and poke a whole in the bottom

    then just blow all the smoke into it so it smells like fresh laundry instead of smoke :)
  11. Learn the ways of the blunt and stay outside. Avoid those that would get you in trouble.

    I vaped all freshman year and that works too, but ultimately got caught with that. Bathroom tokes are good as well.
  12. where do you go to school?

    college of the albemarle for me this semester ha.
  13. buy some weatherstripping to put around the door frame, as alot of the smoke/smell gets sucked around the cracks in the door aswell as goin under it. That plus sploof with fan in the window should be more than enough.
  14. i am ok at rollin j's but blunts i guess i'll have to learn... kinda conspicuous smoking a j outside
  15. Our dorms had their own bathrooms so what I did was towel under the door that leads to the hall, window open with fan blowing out. Then I smoked in my bathroom with the fan on, towel under the door then I'd smoke a bowl. I'd chill out in the bathroom for a bit after the bowl was cashed. (Shower, or take a dump, or just think.. idk haha) Then go out into my room and spray some odor eliminator. I'd leave the fan on out the window and towel under the door for a good 30+ minutes after. I never got a knock on my door asking why it smells or anything and others on my floor had.
  16. also, vaporizers seem expensive
  17. bottom floor rooms are the hardest. but yea cover the smoke detector and put a box fan in your window blowing out and if you are really paranoid (understandable cause im sure you actually want to stay at school) use a sploof into the fan and you are golden and remember if you get your room searched just keep all your shit in your cupboard in like a backpack cause they cant search that. just use common sense and if you feel like you might get caught then go with that instinct and take a walk on the campus or something and light up not in your dorm besides campuses are usually really pretty i take my camera when i go out sometime and take pictures after i hit my inspiration.

    good luck and happy toking.
  18. Vapor brothers are like 130 dollars. That's not too expensive, considering thats only like 30 bucks less than a half
  19. Get a generally quiet, but powerful fan to blow air out the window and away from your room's door. Put a damp towel at the bottom of your door (I always sprayed mine with a little febreeze). Then use a sploof and have some Oust or something on you and you'll be straight.

    Oh and, figure out your dorm's schedules for RA patrols and pay attention to what times security comes around. Just be smart about it. Also, don't bolt out of your room as soon as your done smoking. Give the room some time to air out with that fan, and then turn the fan around to pull in some fresh air for a little while.

    Another great thing about having a fan is it drowns out drunk people at 3:00AM when you have an exam the next morning.
  20. I'm starting college next week too and I'm thinking of just buying a vap...anything special i should know about that?

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