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Smoking at college advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jwohl, Sep 21, 2009.

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    I just moved into my dorm today.. i brought a small sneak-a-toke-pipe and some bud. I am wondering if anybody has suggestions to help me toke at college while being safe.

    should i find a spot in the wilderness? make a spoof for the bathroom/ dorm? smoke detectors? find a balcony?
  2. I'd make an extra long sploof.. like 2 papertowel rolls, and stuff that bad boy up with dryer sheets. And when you smoke, always have a quarter on hand or a coin that you can cover your bowl up if it starts smoking after it cherries. I'd talk to your dormmate, see if hes chill w/ pot.. and if not, do it stealthily when hes not there.
  3. just bring a bowl... pack bud..walk outside, walk around, hit it when no ones around.. it works trust me

    not just giving you an answer.
  4. make a sploof there not that hard and they work fairly well
    towels under the door if your still worried
    febreeze ozium that shit up if you dont want the smell to linger
    yeah and the quarter over the bowl works
    so does incense

    and if your just too spooked to smoke in there smoke out your car if you have one
  5. be careful about people knowing you smoke. my roomate said he was cool with me smoking, but then he turned arround and sold me down the river... he cost me my stash and my favorite pipe, pluss a lot of trouble with the school.

    bottom line, be careful who you trust. if anything seems sketch or out of place, go somewhere else. a quiet spot in the woods is always nice to have, but don't go anywhere with only one way in or out.

    good luck
  6. successs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i smoked once when my roomates were gone and i made a sploof and packed small bowls under my bed on the loft.. sprayed febrezed and all good....

    and my friend picked me up and we hotboxed his car in the ghetto with 3 cops around -_- but tinted windows.

    so im back in my dorm and i have a dorm meeting to go soon too.


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