smoking at an INSIDE concert

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  1. so, im hoping to go see roger waters play the wall in feb, and was wondering. Can i smoke at an inside concert? ive only been to an outside concert of some unkinown reggae band near me, so i smoked. will i be able to have a joint at an inside concert? also, will it be seated or will the regular tickets be standing space? id rather be standing.

  2. You will most likely have no problem smoking a joint or two while at the show. It's Roger Waters for crying out loud, The place will be overflowing with people who will also be smoking.
  3. I smoke all the time at this local bar where some pretty good bands come, SOJA came to play and Jacob Hemphill told the crowd that it was so hazy he could barely breath :smoke::rolleyes:.

    And how are we supposed to know about the venue? That's up to you to find out.
  4. thanks guys. i know its pink floyd and aha drugs and pink floyd go hand in hand but i just ment if it would be wierd aha. also, if it is seated, will i still be able to smoke?
  5. Despite it being banned, people always smoke cigs and bud at concerts here. Last concert I went to I smoked a joint, and I had an aisle seat, you'll be fine.
  6. everyone smokes at concerts, inside or outside.. you'll be fine
  7. My mom saw Rogers
    She said errryyyybody was smoking.
    You're cool.
  8. I went to a concert once and it was a stoner concert. I didn't bring my weed in cause I didn't think I could smoke. What happened?

    A fucking security guard signals another security guard and he lights up a blunt and starts walking around.
  9. I saw Rebelution and Tribal Seeds with everyone smoking. for crying out loud right before Rebelution played "Green to Black" Eric Rachmany yelled out, "where the fuck are all the smokers at??" and we all put our blunts in the air as a salute and then relaxed into some good, good vibes.
    [ame=]‪Rebelution- Suffering‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Does the state, city, or venue have any non-smoking rule? If not... go for it!

    Even if it's not allowed it probably won't be a big deal, especially if this show is anything like the Roger Waters show I went to a few years back. Security has better things to watch out for.

    Just don't flaunt it, and try to be as discrete as possible.
  11. it all depends on the venue, not the artist. i saw slightly stoopid and stephen marley play for the blazed and confused tour and i almost got thrown out for smoking a joint. security appeared any place smoke was rising and people were getting escorted out the entire show. defiantly bad vibes. During the encore slightly stoopid told them to turn all the lights off so ppl could smoke lol

    on the other hand i have been to venues where we fogged out the entire building while at a rebelution show.

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