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Smoking At A Concert.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Stickanimals, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Hey guys. Let me start by saying that I'm not much of a smoker. I haven't toked in like a month and a half. I know just about everything you need to toke properly, I just had a bad experience last time I was high and haven't desired a smoke since. There's a concert coming up that I wanted to bring some weed to. I'm a lot younger than some of my friends that are off to college, and they wanted to smoke for their first time. I'm just worried that I have associated having a sketchy ass time with smoking weed, and I'm afraid I will ruin the concert for myself. So I guess my questions are: how should I get over this whole issue with weed I've been having? What if people think I look to young to smoke right I the pit? And if so, where/ when would it be a good idea to smoke somewhere else?
  2. Try smoking just before or on the way to the concert. That way you'll still be blazed and not have to worry about getting caught

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  3. I went to a 16+ dub step concert and trust me, no one will give a shit if you smoke in the pit. Just make sure security doesn't see I haha. But then again it was a dubstep concert in Seattle so...
  4. We passed joints around at a few concerts in Indy, and nobody seemed to care. But the minute somebody lit a cigarette, security was all over our spot

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  5. The only problem with smoking before is that there is a good chance my mom might take us. She will be at the concert too, but she probably won't go in the pit.
  6. That's cause weed is sooooooo much better than tobacco and smells sooooooooo much better too.
  7. Lol what concert is it? Find another ride or else I probably wouldn't risk it. Or make edibles
  8. You and your mom listen to the same music? Not knocking it, just never heard of that.

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  9. I would not try doing it given your inexperience
  10. How could your college friends be a lot older than you? You're 18, they would be at most 3 years older than you. You should have one of them bring you to the show if you can't drive. I wouldn't go with your mom if you want to smoke, just a horrible idea. If anything, have her drop you off.
  11. Yeah, we're going to gentlemen of the road. It's a two day event in simcoe Ontario. We live in ny and its a two hour drive. My one friend might have to take his car because he has orientation te next day, so maybe I could drive over with him. I think if he brings his car I won't even have to see my mom, and she won't see me. We are going to be staying in a different hotel than her too. So maybe we could just get our fix the night between each day.
  12. Maybe I could do brownies/ peanut butter. I haven't ever made them myself, but I'll try to see if it would work out.
  13. So you're gonna try to cross the border with weed?
  14. I cross the border like once a week. Never been searches or even asked more than 3 questions. It shouldn't be a problem.
  15. lol smoking in the pit? hope its not a hardcore show hahah

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