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Smoking at a concert?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capitalize, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Yo

    I have lawn seats for me and my buds at the Mac Miller & Wiz Khalifa concert at Consol Energy Center in downtown Pittsburgh this saturday.

    I don't really have to explain how much of the mary jane will be at the concert, but how do I make sure i don't get caught? The hard part isn't getting through the gates (they only pat down your sides), I'm just worried about smoking it. I assume the lawn will be packed, but hopefully we're not the only ones toking up.

    How can I make sure I don't get caught? Also, what do they usually do if we get caught? Kick us out? I was planning on bringing a few j's in in a baggy.

  2. From what I have seen if its an outside venue they ask you to stop first - and then they kick you out if you keep going. Granted that is in WA for me, so I have no idea. Worst they will do is kick you out though.

    if you wanna get high bring edibles if you can or a portable vaporizer - those are much more stealthy

  3. True. I realize edibles are a million times easier, but the actual smoking experience at the concert is what I'm looking for. Thanks for the idea:)
  4. I went to just Mac Miller and everyone was getting high, it was a great bonding experience man.

    I would smoke them on the lawn :) :smoke:
  5. Haha, you don't even need to ask this question.. its a wiz khalifa and mac miller concert man! Everyones gonna be smoking, you'll see. Waving their joints bongs pipes baggies etc in the air. Don't worry about them searching you, just wear boxers underneath and stuff your baggies/pouches in there. Make sure its nice and even though, so they don't notice it when there patting you down.
  6. haha dude

    you'll be fine
  7. Smoke before you go !!! Dont worry about getting caught wiz and mac concerts are like legally weed feastivals
  8. I would suggest bringing j or blunt whatever's your thing, but also bring a cig or 2 with some weed in the middle portion, if it looks like there are a lot of cops then only smoke the cigs.

    good luck, ive smoked in pretty much every concert i've been to indoor venues and all, and thats in this police state i live in
  9. bring some Js i always smoke at concerts. And I always go to concerts in NYC
  10. roll up a few blunt and put them back in the the box or jay and put them in a ciaggarette box and you'll be coo, i always smoke at concerts been to a few where few ppl smoke just find that circle and your cool and if you gotta dip just cut threw the crowd n stay low.
  11. Hahaha are you serious? You'll be fine, tons of people smoke weed at concerts.. especially Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa.. Literally EVERYONE will be smoking weed there hahahaha it will be all you can smell. Just openly smoke it along with everyone else.

    Even at indoor venues a lot of the time they won't really care. I went to see a rapper Chris Webby in a small venue in LA and within 60 seconds of the opening act starting the place was filled with smoke, people smoking on stage etc.

    Don't be worried hahahaha, especially at "weed rapper" concerts. No one gives a shit, they aren't going to arrest the entire crowd :p
  12. GOING TO WIZ TMRW! Im putting mad joints in a black and mild case then putting it in my boxer briefs. Then you could toke up there because its a Wiz concert, there is going to be too many people burning for cops to bust mad people. My opinion
  13. #13 traviekush, Aug 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2012
    GUYS! Read This If You Are Going To A Wiz & Mac Concert!
    Ok i just went to the under the influence tour with mac & wiz on the 27th & trust me bring all the weed you can they only search you at the door & just tell you to take everything out your pockets. ALSO!! if you dont have weed somebody else will i only brought 2 jays to the concert & smoked about 20 because everybody was bonding & passing around joints. Trust me you are going to love this concert bro

    They might tell you to stop smoking like a few people but its bot gonna happen because when Wiz Performed Every Fuckin Joint Was Lit In The Whole Place 30,000 People All Different Races Getting Along Through Ganja & Music.

    If Only Everybody Smoked Weed In The World Peace&Love

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