Smoking at a Concert for the First Time

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  1. I'm a huge fan of stoner/sludge metal and this june im going to go see Sleep at terminal 5 in NY! (basically the kings of the genre.) The last concert i went to was Mastodon and people were ducking down and smoking j's which made me want to try smoking at the next show i went to. Would i be able to get a away with this at the sleep concert?

    I'll proabaly be fine but i just want some tips and ideas from people who have smoked at one of this bands shows, at the veune theyre playing at (or any show like it.)
  2. its cool just make sure u dont smoke meth cause they aint cool with that shit (unless its a tweaker show then do ur thang)
  3. Dude! It's Sleep for cryin out loud! A majority of the crowd will be smoking. At those types of shows, the security people give up busting people smoking (unless your insanely close to them) and just focus on people fighting.
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    Yeah dude just go for it. Dont act like your doing something illegal, just light the joint, hold it like a cigarette but hold it down. Dont blow clouds up into the air and be all obvious with it. I smoke at every concert i go to.

    One time i was at a concert and i sparked up a nice fat joint RIGHT INFRONT of a security guy. All he did was look at me, shake his head which was a signal to put it out. Later when the crowd shifted a little bit he tapped me on the shoulder and said "If your gonna smoke that in here dont be obvious and smoke it in the open"

    EDIT:::: Dude check out the venue first. Look up past concerts there on youtube or something. Because some venues WILL send guards up to escort you out if they see you smoking ANYTHING. I know the bank atlantic center here in florida frowns apon smoking
  5. the start of my smoking career started at a term 5 show (not my first time burnin tho). it's madd chill just keep your shit stealth goin through the security patdown. i've seen pepper, pennywise, the supervilains, and the specials at term 5 and it's always cool asfuck :smoke:

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