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Smoking at 4:20 AM

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UpstateToking, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. So i've turned into the biggest night owl and now am going to get to smoke at 4:20 AM before I sleep. Is anyone out there?
  2. Hell yeah man. This is the best time to toke. :bongin:
  3. It's only 1:46 am n I'm in bed bout to crash....

    Oh hey BFF
  4. Not 4:20 in the morning.

    I usually smoke just before midnight, after my parents have gone upstairs to bed
  5. i remember all those 4:20am smokes after being up all night on unmentionables smoking.
  6. I do this often, such as everynight for the past two weeks while watching the Olympics :bongin:
  7. I slept past 3 so im gonna keep the toking for a bit earlier next time.
  8. not that late, too many people in a small house. i smoke during the day when everyones at work and i have a day off from my own job. or at night when its just me and my girlfriend.
  9. It's only 11:19 pm here but I feel like I've been up all night o.0
  10. I would smoke at 4:20 AM, if I had any bud,but I dont :(.
  11. lol i used to stay up late as hell just to toke...miss those times!!!
  12. 4:20 is such an awkward time, both pm and am. i used to smoked on both 4:20's not because of what its about but because it coincidentally matched up with my sesh time. 4:20 am is such a shitty time to smoke though...unless its a wake and bake
  13. 4:20 am is the real 4:20 to smoke at. It's the shit.
  14. Who's down for a bowl tonight at 4:20am?
  15. [quote name='"UpstateToking"']So i've turned into the biggest night owl and now am going to get to smoke at 4:20 AM before I sleep. Is anyone out there?[/quote]

    That avatar is tight butthole

  16. Definitely not tight butthole dude
  17. [quote name='"UpstateToking"']

    Definitely not tight butthole dude[/quote]

    How's it not tight butthole?
  18. i was with ya bro

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