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smoking and your weight

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 503toker, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. hey i just wanted to ask the experienced smokers about weed and weight cuz i've noticed that my buddy is like 5'11" and 160 pounds and can get messed up badd on one hit and im talking completly smashed with red eyes and a pale complexion but me im 6'2" and almost 300 pounds and it takes me about a bowl and a half to get noticeably high which totally kills my sack, so now while im on a t-break and waiting for school to start, what can i do to try and fix this problem other than losing weight?
  2. Man. Punctuation, please.

    Weight has only to do with how high you get a wee-bit. And that's a very wee-bit. If you two are smoking the same amount of the same stuff, the high should be about equal. Sounds like your tolerance is a bit higher than his, though. I could be wrong - It wasn't easy getting your message out of that jumbled pile of txt... :smoking:
  3. hmm, are you sure? cuz we both went about a month without smoking, same herb, and the bowl on his bong was smaller than the bowl on my pipe, you think the fact that he was smoking from a bong had anything to do with it? P.S. was my punctuation any better?
  4. wow that was one really long sentence.
  5. i usually get more stoned if i take a couple nice rips out of a bong over a pipe
    so yeah. thats probably it, unless you got some bammer?
  6. Well I really don't think weight has much to do with it, I think it's a lot about tolerance. I'm 5'11" and around 150lbs and right now I can load .2 in the bong and be pretty fucking high, but there's been times where I have to load .5 into the bowl just to feel something...

    But I used to work with this one really big junky, guy was like 33, maybe 5'6" and a good 300+ and I worked like 50+ hour weeks all the time and you better believe my ass was smoking on on the hour then haha and I'd let him have a few hits out of the bowl out back and he'd get ripped off a hit or two. Like I mean full red eyes, gotta take a break and chill out high haha. But then again that dude was lazy as hell to begin with. hah
  7. i agree, weight shouldnt have much to do with it, it was probally the difference with the bong vs pipe. or your friend is a wiener and was just acting his high up to be more "cool"?
  8. I honestly think weight has little to nothing to do with how high you get.

    I'm 6'3" 260 and I have a friend who's 5'7" 135 and we're both on par.
  9. Weight does affect your high, but not very much. From the sounds of it, he's hitting a bong, and your hitting a pipe. So every hit he takes is water cooled, and so larger. Every hit you take, being strait from bowl to mouth with no water cooling, is smaller. It's like he's taking 1.5-2 times as many hits as you :eek:
  10. i've heard being over weight makes a T break less effective. sounds try to me because i have very low body fat and it only takes like 5 days to get back to my newish level of tolerance, even after a few months of near every day smoking.
  11. I doubt weight has anything to do with tolerance. Im 6'3" 135 lbs and my tolerance is through the roof.
  12. Prolly not much to do with weight but more with the person. Different people are effected differently by THC. I dont have scientific evidence to back this up cuz im too lazy to look, but maybe different people have a different number of cannaboid receptors?
  13. hmm all this shyt sounds good, so i guess i'll be investing in a bong pretty soon, and i cant remember who asked but it wasn't bammer it was some pretty dank shyt
  14. Im 6'1'' and 160 and i feel nice like can function and im just chill with one good rip of mids, but 2 and im set for like 2-3 hours...... This of course is with a snap from the bong...
  15. I'm the same way. That one hit of mids chill high is great for everyday social situations as well.

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