smoking and your music

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  1. well tolkers im writting this post to ask you a question. what is your favorite type of music to lisin to while or after you smoke? Me personaly i like to hear down south rap when i smoke (lil wayne) because all the lyrics and the beats seemed slowed down and you can just understand it alot better and it makes you want to hear it more just me tho what is everyone else think?
  2. Well when Im already stoned I listen three 6 mafia is the shit. And lil wyte. But while Im smokin I usually have on some old rock. This should be in the music forum btw
  3. Haha you guessed it. Reggae.

    I love reggae, it just calms and relaxes me on it's own. Smoke a nice spliff and i'm on top of the world.

    'Don't Rock my Boat' has been a favorite for a long time, old jamaican folk song turned reggae my Bob Marley.
  4. southern rap also... or biggie
  5. Mostly classic rock with really crunchy guitaring. I'm a sucker for massive solos.
  6. jazz. they say jazz is a aquired taste, thats true in a way, cause it sounds like shit to me till im stoned, then icant stop listening to it. jazz all the way.
  7. Find your favorite song.. Doesnt matter what it is, it'll sound nice high.

    Toke up to silence

    Then turn the music on when your done smoking. It hits you like a brick
  8. favorite songs hmm, some of them would be:

    That smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Not Fade away - rolling stones version

    Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin

    Layla - Eric Clapton

    L.A. Woman - The Doors

    Travellin' band - Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Peaches n cream - john butler trio

    Concrete Jungle - Bob Marley

    Black water - Doobie brothers

    and a lot more...
  9. "Easy skanking....." - Bob Marley also I like to listen some Puerto Rican reggae bands they are pretty good too.
  10. rap, hip hop, electronica. metal on ocassion, but usually it's too loud!
  11. basically the mars volta, thrice, pink floyd, between the buried and me and Pelican are constantly on my baked playlist, and when I'm just chilling munching at home I have some MF doom or Quasimoto playing because it's just chill like that.
  12. i love listening to bands like slightly stoopid, O.A.R, Jack Johnson, Big Wu, G. Love and Special Sauce, Blues Traveler,Keller Williams. theres a local guy named dan sherril, he lives in spearfish sd now, but he does some really good marley and stoopid covers. i suggest checking him out if at all possible

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