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Smoking and Weight loss

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Superman007, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hello errbody, i was doing some research online about the effects of weed on your trying to lose a few and i was wondering if weed makes you lose weight...(look at wiz khalifa)...I heard that when your high your metabolism speeds up and when you eat the munchies it metabolizes it quick. Plus i heard that it makes you lose your appetite when your sober..
    I need some tips and advice please!:confused:
  2. 1. watch what you eat
    2. start running/working out
    3. toke when your done working out
    4. ???
    5. profit
  3. As for what you said, I have no idea about it and never read it anywhere, but I wouldn't be shocked if it was true.

    Anyway, the munchies aren't THAT hard to resist, people tend to exaggerate them, but yes, they are tempting.
  4. Contrary to popular assumption, the increase in hunger (munchies) is NOT because of an increase in metabolism. It just basically shuts down the "switch" that tells you "dude, I'm full, stop stuffing your face" Your metabolism stays the same, or, if it changes at all, slows down. I know, I was sad when I learned this, too.
  5. This summer I started working out in late June and I have smoked weed pretty much everyday. I already lost 21 pounds, eat before you smoke weed and prepare healthy munchies. Cut up vegetables or something and put them in a ziplock bag and eat that instead of chips. Fruit is also fucking delicious.
    You just have to have dedication. You do not have to go fucking crazy and count every calorie you eat and you can eat something unhealthy on occasion but just eat it in moderation. I do atleast an hour of cardio everyday. I know you can do it. If my fat ass can lose that much and smoke weed before almost every workout so can you. Good Luck. :bongin:
  6. ok no way it makes you lose appetite when your sober, can i eat so much when im sober its not evan funny
  7. Start skateboarding? mabe longboarding who knows :smoke:
  8. longboarding ftw. Shit's fun AND I lost 5 pounds the first 2 weeks
  9. I go skiing in the wintertime. My weight goes down for the time being, unlike how most people gain weight in the winter. Goes back up though after the season is over and I replace all skiing time with more smoking, lol. Just eat healthy munchies, drink water. I've actually lost weight by choosing one or two things and just cutting them out entirely. If you don't eat fast food, ever, and don't eat similar stuff at home, you'll lose weight. At least, at my level of fatness you will.
  10. This may be true but munchies are also caused by the cannabis dropping your blood sugar level.
  11. I was 180 in high school and started smoking then going on the treadmill. Bud takes away all my pain so I never felt too tired to stop. Id smoke again later when i felt my muscles burn. I dropped down to 120 in 3 months. Not that healthy but i loved exercising while stoned.
    I also never got munchies. Cotton mouth makes me want to drink water or eat things like yogurt, but then it tastes so good I end up eating things just because it tastes amazing, not because I'm hungry.

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