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smoking and vaporizing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dynamutt, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone I have a question I read online that tho vaporizing is very good and healthy that it doesn't give some medical benefits from burning the plant like when u burn it ur burn some chemicals from in the plant itself not just the thc like in vaporizers can anyone prove or clear this up for me?
  2. Some of the cannabinoids might not be released until it is heated to a certain temperature.
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    There's some cannabinoids that release at certain remodelers
    That's why some people use different tempatures, it's a diffrrnt high but I like it

    There's a list here that says the cannabinoids and the tempatures that is needed but sadly not enough funding has been invested to find all the chemicals and stuff in cannabis to get the RIGHT temp and still stay healthy ya dig?
  4. Damn then I guess I should just get a ridiculous bong and use that I just didn't wana loose the 3% of lung capacity they say u loose
  5. Cuz trust me I love joints with filter paper is my shit but I decided a few ago if ima be "smoking"might as well do the best I can to do it in the healthiest way
  6. If you want all the cannabinoids you either need to smoke it or get a high temp vape. If you want to bother being healthy about it then make edibles.
  7. I heard the volcano is awesome does that one get hot?
  8. To be honest the volcano is nothing more than an overpriced trend. Not saying it isn't good, but it is just trendy and costs hundreds more than it should. Look into silver surfer & da buddha. Those are like PC while the volcano is like a mac.
  9. You ever heard of like vaporbros I'm a fan of the whip style cuz u can attach to like a bong do the whip style get as hot as the digitals?
  10. Vapo will get you fucked, and is healthier. I would not worry about wasting THC
  11. Does vaps vaporize cbd as well?
  12. Vape it then smoke the vaped plant material or make edibles from it. Best of both worlds. Problem solved

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