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Smoking, and then drinking coffee

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PleasureTrueNow, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So, me and my friend are smoking. We are just chilling an talking, it comes about 1 in the clock morning, we say we are both getting tired and decide to call it a night.

    I go to the restroom, come out into my kitchen and see him making coffee (I was a little shocked and started laughing) and then he was like, oh I am gonna make some coffee, you want some?

    I said what the hell, and we both had a cup.

    Needless to say, we stayed up until about 5 or 6, and then we decided to keep hanging out because we both felt pretty damn good. We ended up playing video games and beating it on the hardest difficulty possible and we got all serious and used teamwork (Game was Army of Two). We then got on the computer and started talking about people on Facebook and politics?

    Anyways, I had a pretty good time and I have so to say I really like to mix coffee now after smoking. I feel great, I feel awake and alert but still feel high.

    You guys have any experiences with smoking and then drinking a cup of coffee?
  2. smoking nd drinking coffee.. yes.


    thats daily breakfast.

    tree//coffee.. then some tye of food.

    you sounded like you had alot of fun tho!
  3. yeah i feel the same way. a nice hot cup of coffee during my smoke sesh definitely adds a more alert and awake quality to my high.
  4. I love a redbull when I get high
  5. Yes sir, caffeine and THC is easily the greatest 1-2 punch ever.. Love it. Makes your high so much cleaner.
  6. I would rather go with a Monster BFC. But a heavily flavored carmel iced coffee is my second choice
  7. Peets coffee goes great with a doobie or a nice blunt!
  8. I'm a fan.

    My friend and I love the combination so much, that one time we put about half a pot of day-old coffee in the bong. Good highdea, terrible experience. I don't know what happened but we both felt like shit all night.
  9. Haha man thats exactly what I'm doing right now..

    Coffee and a few bowls.

    It helps when im getting too tired and it make the high more exciting
  10. nothing like a hippy speedball :smoking:
  11. Love coffee and herb. I'm a regular coffee drinker but when I consume while I consume, I feel so bohemian, so mellow, so cool haha! One of my facorite things to do when I toke alone is go to a coffee shop and read some fantasy literature like Tolkien or Robert E. Howard.

  12. :wave::smoking:
  13. You were tired at 1 o' clock, had a cup of coffee and then stayed up until after dawn?

    Damn man I wish one cup of coffee had that effect on me :p
  14. for real, coffee barely does anything for me anymore

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