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Smoking And Teeth Health?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sc0pe, May 30, 2013.

  1. Does smoking affect your teeth much?
    like does it stain them or make them weaker?

  2. Yes and it makes it yellow too. Just like smoking butts

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  3. Okay a quick google search for you on this and only looked at about 3 sites and I'm gonna use 2. Hopefully @Storm Crow can come in here and shed some light.

    Now this is the most recent about just one of the first links.

    "Q: I've heard that marijuana is bad for your teeth. Is this true?

    A: Marijuana does contain tar - which is of course very bad for your teeth and gums - but it contains less tar than you'd find in tobacco. A 2008 study showed that marijuana use can lead to periodontal disease in heavy smokers those who smoked 40 or more times per year.

    Marijuana also contains many known carcinogens (chemicals that are known to cause cancer), although it is difficult for researchers to get enough data to determine a link because people often don't admit to drug use. Also, many people who smoke marijuana also smoke cigarettes, which are known to cause increased risk of many forms of cancer including cancer of the lip, tongue, and lungs. Xerostomia(also known as dry mouth) is another side effect of marijuana.

    Also, common activities associated with marijuana use can be harmful to your teeth. If you consume a "pot brownie," for instance, you're eating sugary chocolate and, in your altered state, you're probably not going to brush your teeth afterward. The famous extreme hunger (AKA "munchies") that results from marijuana consumption leads people to eat all sorts of snacks, often without brushing or flossing. Since the saliva flow is also decreased due to the effects of the marijuana, you are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay."

    Another site i got was

    "The most serious side-effect of the drug is that even teeth are put at risk by habitual smoking of marijuana. Periodontal disease, or the regression of one's gum line for laymen, can lead to loss of teeth

    and infection in the mouth. Recent studies have linked oral health to bodily health, and even proved that bacteria in the gums and mouth can travel through the blood stream and into the heart to cause cardiovascular disease."

    Now there's a lot more to that site, but I think have found the study I think they are talking about so I'm going to post that too.

    "The periodontal disease affected the heaviest smokers worst, with one in four having the chronic condition by the age of 32.

    Researchers at the Dunedin School of Medicine tracked more than 900 people from age 18 to 32, regularly monitoring their dope smoking habits and dental check-ups.

    In the most recent check-up they found just 6.5 per cent of the non-dope smokers were showing strong signs of inflammation and tissue decay associated with periodontal disease.

    The disease was present in 11 per cent of those with an occasional cannabis habit. But among those admitting to heavier use - smoking more than 40 times since the age of 18 - 24 per cent had the condition.

    Overall, the heaviest smokers had a 60 per cent increased risk of having the disease, even after controlling for other possible influences like dental plaque."

    But that's just what I've found in the past few minutes. If you want to be more sure, you can check for yourself. I just posted three websites, didn't do muh research about it though.

    Hopefully helps.

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