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smoking and tea

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kpaulsac, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. today i put a kettle on the stove and then i proceeded to ingest two sobe waterfall bong rips of a citrusy/hazy type o' weed orally. as i was exhaling my second hit i heard the kettle start to whistle. i made this tea called jasmine oolong and its delicious. i think tea makes you higher kind of, like it relaxes you or something:smoke:
  2. I'm drinking hot tea right now. I often drink tea whilst high. I do believe the right tea increases the effects. :)
  3. hot tea is refreshing and seems to provide a sense of comfort in it. i love and ingest cold tea a lot. i enjoy arizona sweet tea...
  4. there would be no point in life without tea, its the only thing i would choose over skunky.

    there is sumthing about the perfect cup of tea that just sends me into a good care free world.
  5. definitely, like i grew up always having a cup of tea around like 3 everyday, at which time all things would be stopped to enjoy a cup of tea with the family. i still continue this, however i end up drinking 3 or four through out the day.
  6. Tea fucking rocks!
    I'm about to put some on :smoking:
    My mommy has lots of different kinds too.. mmmm! I'm high too haha :smoke:

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