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Smoking and Snowboarding. How to?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BobbyBlaze, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Going on an impulsive snowboarding trip.
    Friends I'm going with don't smoke, but I won't let that stop me.

    My question is: How hard is it to smoke on a mountain and not be noticed?

    How should I go about it?

    I'll be at Mountain High to be specific.
  2. be chill and enjoy the ride. be safe

  3. I was thinking about just busting whatever out on the lift up. Bad idea?
  4. joint on the lift
  5. Easiest place in the world to smoke. If their not chill with, try and get on the lift without em and smoke on the lift, or, what I do when I wana smoke when I'm with my brother who I don't smoke around, I take a tree run, let him get in front and then I just go smoke next to a tree real quick, then when you get to the bottom say you got stuck in some deep ass powder, I do that one all the time. But if there isn't any powder to "get stuck in" good luck haha. Say your guna go take a piss in the trees and say you'll meet your friends at the bottom, just gota be creative!

  6. Not so worried about my friends. More worried about rangers, workers, and such.

    But great ideas! I'm deffinetly more comfortable about bringing bud.
  7. I wouldn't bust it out on the lift. Find a slower trail by the woods. Unstrap and walk in and burn.

    That's what we used to do but we knew the mountain pretty well. Be careful you don't get lost or hurt doing it
  8. [quote name='"BobbyBlaze"']

    Not so worried about my friends. More worried about rangers, workers, and such.

    But great ideas! I'm deffinetly more comfortable about bringing bud.[/quote]

    One of my resorts is hella chill with everything, don't know how it is there. At the lift it says no alcohol or smoking in lift lines, yet most ppl have a beer and are smoking in line. I rode up the lift with a mountain patrol dude and the ppl in front of us were clearly smoking a joint and the patrol guy just laughed, but then again everyone that works there is a stoner so things are prolly different there, but it really isn't hard at all
  9. we just do joints on the lift, no one really notices. people below are focused on riding and people on the lift dont usually look at you and if someone does see you chances are they arent gonna go tell on you
  10. Wonder what smoking and boarding would be like!? I find that If im heaps stoned being in the cold kinda snaps me outta being heaps stoned. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. or u could just hot box the car every couple hours. thats what my friends and i do.
  12. You can pull anywhere and smoke allthough snowboarding high is fun. you dont even realize your goinga fast, plus when you fall fells like slow mo.
  13. I smoke on the lifts. They even have these cool dugout containers made fore snowbarders with a small glass chillum and a stash box built in and it's crushpoof so you can wipeout and not worry about it breaking.

    I've brought gravity bongs and all kinds of shit to the mountain before, if you meet some locals they normally know all the little side trails with smoking spots.
  14. I blaze whenever I go. I just smoke it when im going down the mountain, no cops within 30 mins of the place so I just don't give a shit! Don't recommend doing it if your new to snowboarding, but it is quite fun.

  15. i know its in a box, but i wouldnt ever have glass on me while snowboarding id be too scared that id wipe out and somehow get impaled :p joints you can just toss when your done
  16. I've brought glass a bunch of times, as long as its triple blown you will be good. I even had a 6 chamber bubbler on me in a pipe pouch and I wiped out at about 40mph tumbling down the mountain and it didn't break.
  17. last time i smoked on the mountain we went to a trail no one goes on much, waited till there was no one around, and just unstrapped and walked off the side real quick. there was a cave like enclosure off the side of the trail, so it was perfect no one could see us. got kinda sketched out when coming back up, and there were two guys chilling right there. they obviously knew what we were doing, asked us if we had a good time. im just pretending like i dont know what theyre talking about when they say theyve been looking for a good smoking spot for an hour, and if they could use ours. at this point i laughed, said go ahead, strapped in and left!
  18. Workers won't say shit, I've never seen a "ranger" at a mountain..... Usually just ski patrol who are more worried about injured skiers than if you're smoking a joint on the mountain.

    If your friends are cool with it smoke on the lift, it's absolutely fine. If they aren't but know you're gonna smoke anyways, just dip into the woods for a couple minutes and rejoin them after.

  19. thats why i love never being cold, if anything i sweat, and not im not wearing too many layers, shorts and a longsleeve shirt under my gear in 15 degree weather. but on those especially cold days yeah it can to a certain extent, so just pack another!

  20. aha how hard is it to find a good spot? my mountain is smokers heaven. i have 3 favorites on my mountain. one is a illegally built, homemade cabin that some people build in the out of bounds area off a trail that was half underground and concealed by trees and once it started snowing, that fucker would completely disappear. to get in, the entrance was on the lower side of the mountain and it was like going into a cellar on the outside of a house. a hatch would lift up and youd have to slide in down like 8 feet. on the inside it was a dirt/snow ground and the ceiling was 12 feet above us.there was even a small loft and ppl would randomly sleep in there from time to time. it was kinda dirty and had beer cans scattered about, but it was a great place to drink and smoke. it sucked cuz the resort found it this last year and destroyed it.

    my next favorite place is a cabin that you can rent out that is in between two runs hidden in the trees. there was covered storage area in the back that completely blocked out wind and snow, all the stoners knew about this area so you could always find someone to match here.

    then another favorite was off of a tree run that ran through where the bottom of two hills met so there was only one trail to take till you got to the end. you would take a big sweeping turn and if you look up behind you after that turn, there was a small dugout area are where some logs were stacked to make a small shelter, it was only about 4-5 feet tall and 5 feet wide and went in about 8 feet. it was small, but blocked wind an snow well and lots of stoners knew about this one two. 80% of the time that i went there or went by it there were people smoking. matched with a ton of dude and would get smoked out a bunch too!

    aha sorry for the long post

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