Smoking and skating

Discussion in 'General' started by ollie_smoke, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Any1 around here skateboard I think its one of the best things u cn do while smoking ganj :cool: :confused: any1
  2. I dont skate but wouldnt you fuck up more while you high? That sounds dangerous.
  3. i love skating blasted, i just bought a bunch of wood like 5min ago, tommorrow i'm building a quarter pipe
  4. lol, well I can't skate in the first place so....I would die somehow. lol
  5. Yeah, I like to skate while "on the weed" as well. I find it helps me concentrate better.
  6. hell yeah man. i spend like half my life high in the mini ramp w/ the g-pod blarin
  7. Carving bowls high is probably the funniest thing it the world.

  8. huh?
    carving bowls high is so fun, if that was supposed to be like a pun... i didn't laugh sorry haha
  9. It wasn't supposed to be a pun, haha be I see what you're saying now.
  10. you skaterboarders and your skaterboards. :rolleyes:
  11. I skate :D

    Keep On Pushin~
  12. You know you love plywood pushers. :smoking:
  13. Yeah its fun because everything goes in slow motion.

  14. what?
  15. I push wood too, i'm more of a handrail/flatground kind of guy. I like old school skateboarding the best though.

  16. I have not touched a board in 2 years, I can still do backside 180's though haha!. JOE>

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