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Smoking and heart attack risk

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokingjoker1357, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. I have heard that smoking makes you more liely to have a heart attack. I have done soem research and I have found a study that supports that claim. It suggests that your chance of a heart attack goes up 4.8 time sin the first hour of smoking. In this study only 9 people of teh nearly 4000 heart attack victims smoked marijuana in the last hour before their attack. This to me doesnt seem unusual, and I think that this study proves nothing. i was wondering that your thoughts are on this. I know that marijuana speeds up your heart 20-50 beats, so that logically seems like it would make you more likely to have a heart attack in theory. However that is far less of an increase than going running. Just wondering your thougts

    Marijuana Said to Trigger Heart Attacks
  2. I would think that if you were already prone to having a heart attack then this would help it along. I don't by ANY means think that this will LEAD to a heart attack.
  3. That was my thinking too, that it would only cause a heart attack in older people and people that already have some sort of risk factor.
  4. Marijuana's like anything else, you shouldn't take it if your body doesn't want it/reacts poorly to it. I'm allergic to Amoxicillin (similar to penicillin in case you aren't familiar.) Whenever I take Amoxicillin for colds/etc, I break out and have a bad allergic reaction and go to the hospital.

    If your body doesn't react well to Marijuana (increases your heart rate and you have a history of bad hearts/heart attacks in your family) I'd suggest against it.
  5. I guess some people are more sensitive too it I suppose. However i dont see how an increase like that can hurt a otherwise healthy person. Im 19 my resting heart rate is about 70 so the max it could increase my heart rate is like 120, however when I exercise (running daily) it gets up to 150 160 so I dont see why this is an issue. I wish this study had more detail... I like this kinda stuff idk why
  6. It's not like increasing your heart rate is a bad thing, it's exercise which all hearts need. The only reason why you should be concerned with this is if your family has heart problems in general or if your heart isn't used to rapid and consistent changes in rate i.e. you're lazy and never move.
  7. Just seems like 9 people in this study is insignificant. I wonder what their ages are and other risk factors. If it was their first heart attack.

  8. That's the thing, .25% (yes, 1/4 of 1 percent) of the test subjects had heart attacks. I'm pretty confident if you looked at the normal population of HEALTHY (not obese) people that percentage would be higher than .25
  9. so if thats .25 percent thats nothing. Thats 1/400. Im sure if you asked 400 people if they smoked marijuana in the last hour you would probably get one yes. I bet 9 people had a can of pepsi within a hour of their heart attack I dont know how they draw these correlations

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