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Smoking and Driving

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thereddfoxx12, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I have noticed that a lot of people on this board talk about driving high like it is a daily activity to them. I know that I may get flamed for this but here is my opinion on it. Weed has been found in a lot of studies to impair driving, I am pretty sure that it does to at least a moderate degree. It even says on medical marijuana bottles that you should not smoke and drive. I know that most people will go "oh I drive better high" but I honestly trust the studies more. With that said I do believe that weed is otherwise harmless unless you smoke a shit ton (not great for the lungs).
  2. Ok -please present evidence when making a point. Because saying that there are studies that back you up without evidence is nothing, I could do the same thing. "I have studies that show weed does not impair driving ability"

    That is all.

    Oh and thats b.s. i'm a better driver when ripped :D
  3. It depends on the person honestly, but from what I have seen most people can drive stoned no problem.
  4. I worked as a delivery driver for a few fast food restaurants in college and drove completely blazed everyday. Made the shifts go by so much smoother...
  5. Ok well I guess I was wrong to a certain extent. It does impair driving, BUT high people make up for it by being more cautious. Basically it doesn't impair your overall driving ability. Marijuana and Driving: A Review of the Scientific Evidence - NORML, I consider NORML to be very accurate and honest so I guess you guys are right. But it is probably a different story with people who aren't used to being high.
  6. I personally don't since i've got strict ass parents, and if Im using they're car it makes it difficult. My best friend on the other-hand, ohh boy..... If you're EVER dry, go into his car. Last time we found 6 roaches, and 1.3 grams scattered all throughout the car in random ass places. When ever were in that car, we smoke up. It'll just be really shitty once we get pulled over for ANY reason. The car perma-wreaks...:eek:
  7. The very first time I drove high was weird but the few thousand other times after its fine. Sometimes right after a big sesh I wont feel ready to drive but thats only if its a toke and go thing, gimme 15-20 after and its fine.
  8. at first it was hard and I couldtn really do it. but as i started smoking more and got used to being high a lot, driving while high hasnt posed any problems for me at all.
  9. Just basically re-saying what has been said but,

    I also never used to drive after smoking alot, mainly from not trusting myself to control a vehicle while high.

    But now it's simple as, it really doesn't affect my driving at all, except i HATE stopping.
    The most dangerous part is the other dicks on the road who don't know how to drive -_-
  10. Weed to me is subtle I can do everything that I usually do high, its nothing like being drunk
  11. Yep there are plenty of idiots on the road that pose way more of a threat than my high self.
  12. LOL that is awesome!
  13. Until they get pulled over and the car gets searched. What a risk.
  14. there have been times when i have been driving ripped when im really intensely focused on driving, and there have been times when i zone out completely and almost crash

    driving high is fine as long as you aren't an idiot while doing it
  15. I used to be against high driving...until I started doing it and realizing that I can EASILY do it. It doesn't impair me one bit, if anything it makes me a better driver, because I hardly make mistakes. You avoid talking to the cops when I look like this :smoking:
  16. my only input. im overly cautious when i drive high. now its up to you to decide if thats dangerous or safer
  17. I have a buddy who is the most terrrrrible driver when high. He drives like 10 mph on 25 mph roads. LOLS all day.
  18. I think that if it effects concentration in general, it stands to reason that it could effect the driving as well. Most cases I have seen are more like people driving way too slow, and staying stopped at lights after they've turned green and other such shit that makes it pretty obvious and more likely to get them caught, than hurt.
    Personally I don't think a person should really be in control of anything that would potentially kill themselves and others while under the influence of any illicit substances at all.
    No, it's not nearly as bad as drink driving, this is OBVIOUS...but however well a person feels like that can do it, there's always the (albeit small) risk of injury and/or trouble, if you dismiss this, you're thinking a bit like a drink driver.
  19. Nothing more chill than a good J ride IMO.:smoke:
  20. Don't drive high, imo.

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