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Smoking and driving?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Management, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I've heard a lot of my friends talk about driving while they're high. I'm not sure I could do that or not. From some more experienced people, how hard or dangerous is it to drive high?
  2. You're going to hear so many people saying 'Yeah man it's so cool to drive when you're high'.

    Do not do it. It's one thing if you have a slight buzz and are an experienced driver. It's another to get blitzed and be cruising around smoking joints and hotboxing instead of paying attention to business.

    Save your smoking enjoyment for safe, stationary locations.
  3. I drive high all the time. I'm experienced enough to handle my own though. Doesn't matter if I only have one hit or take 10 from a bong, I'll be able to drive fine.

    I just make sure I don't have anything on me. No weed, pieces, etc. Drive clean so if you do happen to get pulled over, you have nothing else to worry about except a speeding ticket :)
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    Agreed, if you meet either of these:

    A) Have not put in a good amount of mileage on your own vehicle(read 20k + miles AT LEAST)
    B) Have been smoking for less than a few years

    I wouldn't do it. Not to set any guidelines, that's just my opinion.

    I do it quite often, but I'm an extremely experienced driver, and have put in my fare share of years smoking. Don't risk it if you don't feel comfortable. You don't want to end up as some statistic and a story in the news about some dumb stoner getting into an accident and dieing.
    At least that's not how I want to go out ;)
  5. there is a HUGE thread on this
  6. No, you *think* you're fine after 10 bong hits. Study after study shows that it slows your reaction time and the degree that you pay attention. It's not nearly as bad as driving drunk but you still are not 100%.
  7. thats the key. being plenty experienced and never having anything on you
  8. I normally don't like to drive when I'm baked. But sometimes I gotta, and I don't have any problems. The only thing I noticed is that I go a little slower, sometimes around 5 under the speed limit.
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    doesnt take 100% to drive. not even close.

    i just drove high as fuck to get here and it was like driving sober but more fun. its ok to do but take the responsibility to know what youre doing so you dont get caught. or become an impaired driving statistic
  10. I mostly drive slow like iTokeat420. It's difficult to not drive correctly high for me. Honestly, I can do it after maybe a joint between me and some friends. But a weekend or alot of bong hits and I'm not good at all. Generally, you should enjoy your high in a safe and comfortable place and not on the roads. Don't add to any driving impaired statistics the government wants to use against legalization.
  11. If you're not paying 100% attention to driving they you're being fucking irresponsible. You can try to sugar coat it or deny it anyway you like. What you just posted is nothing other than irresponsible.

    Kids, driving isn't a game. It's serious business. People who aren't paying attention die daily who AREN'T impaired. Don't add to the risk.
  12. as long as im not baked i can drive fine high, just got to know how to control ur self when high, and be a good driver, i do not recommend u drive high with dumbass good time friends ur asking for trouble
  13. Like I said a slight buzz isn't going to affect reaction time. If you're blitzed, however, you may be able to cruise along fine, but that one time someone cuts you off or a kid or animal runs in front of your car you'll be very sorry.
  14. I get way too afraid that I'm going to crash so I just avoid doing it.
  15. yeah man seriously, i thought it was ok and everything, but then just a few days ago i blew past a stop sign i didn't even notice. i was so bliiitzed. my friend was like dude that was a stop sign... just a bad idea.
  16. gotta quote this for truth. i thought i could hold my shit like all of yall, and i just blew past that sign.
  17. I always drive around high. i think in some situations i actually drive better high. dont forget to turn on your lights when needed and go the speed limit. keep weed and everything in the trunk.

  18. I bolded the operative term for you. You just think you're driving better.
  19. much better high than drunk,
    there comes a time when what you stand to lose, either by having an accident (remember its an accident, no one plans to have one) or a trafiic stop, outweighs the need to be high and drive,

    wait a few minutes, not many, so you are not totally baked

    never drive with your feet, knee or tongue while rolling a fattie
  20. I think it completely depends who you are. I've been driving high for so long, that it is infact more comfortable for me to drive high. I can be as baked as a mother-fucker, but after developing good driving habits while high I believe I am a much more defensive and safe driver. I don't feel nearly as road-ragey aswell, makes rush-hour traffic seem that much better. Don't think you should generalize so bad, to those saying how irresponsible people are.

    Oh and just as a side note to contribute directly to the thread: I just got home from going for a short cruise to pizza pizza, and on my way home I managed to maintain the speed limit of 60, with a piece of pizza in my left hand, steering, while opening the window (turn handle - ghetto) to put my gum outside. DID NOT CRASH. +1 for the high drivers!

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