smoking and driving

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by peaches_ncream7, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. can someone help me out with this question?
    now is it okay to smoke and drive or is it considered
    driving under the influence?
    see i don't know how they can charge you if they think that you smoked because they can't tell when the last time was that you smoked because it stays in your blood for so long.
    i don't know i was just curious seeing as though it is legal a.k.a (decriminalized).
  2. you can get a DUI for driving high...but now a DWI (DWI means your drunk, DUI means driving under the influence of anything)
  3. It could be tough for them to prove that you were high at the time of arrest, unless they do a blood test. MJ leave the bloodstream pretty quickly, but it stays in your fatty tissue for around a month. Nevertheless, they could just do motor skills tests (walk a straight line, recite the alphabet, etc.) to see if you're under the influence...

    best bet, try not to toke & drive...;)


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