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Smoking and drinking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FuckBeerGetWeed, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. As you can see from my username, i dont normaly enjoy drinking beer. But tonight i said fuck it i wanna have some while i smoke. My question is:

    How many should i have to drink to get fucked up? I'm 6'8 300lb. and recently ate dinner.had a beer a year or two ago, haven't had one since. I've heard drinking increases the effects of weed. Should i smoke a bowl, drink a beer, smoke a bowl, drink a beer?
  2. off topic : I love your avatar, blink all day erry day.

    On topic : I personally can't mix the two. I get the spins. I don't know if that's every one though.
  3. Just drink till your brain tells you it's time to stop?

    Personally I avoid mixing the 2 as much as possible
  4. Go with non alcoholic beer . I like to drink it when I smoke.That is the only time I drink it.
  5. Oh damn really? Its just cuz my friends have said that drinking increases the high of smoking. But yeah i can see how i would easily get the spins and be miserable the rest of the night.

    and to Edguitar: fuck yeah man seeing them live next week
  6. Well if you have enough beers to get a buzz, its okay, but if you have alot of beers, to the point where you are wasted, smoking never helps. atleast for me.
  7. I like to mix 'em, just drink first, thats how i do it.
  8. I take a shot or two after sessions to clear my throat, if you have some liquor idk
  9. I love drinking and smoking. Preferably liquor though. Yet, I only drink to get fucked up so I may not have the right advice, but personally if I drink after/during my session I seem to have a "clearer" drunk, like I can still semi-focus and not get as blurred vision.
  10. drink a 40 and then smoke a bowl
  11. #11 DMX, Aug 6, 2011
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    Drink about 3-4 beers and you will feel the buzz. Your 300 pounds so it may take more alcohol because of that. Id say a 6 pack would have anybody feeling Drunk.

    And About smoking... I like to get High first... Then drink. because drunk lasts longer than being high. You can get drunk, smoke, (feel fucking amazing), drink a little more and your good.

    edit. High
  12. Dude, you can get drunk before you drink? You gotta tell me how. :p
  13. drink a 40 and and smoke a bowl or 2 and you should be fucked up
  14. I may be biased as I enjoy the spinny feeling from drinking and blazing, but that's just me.

    If you drank like a dozen beers throughout the night while blazing you'll probably be pretty fucked up, if you drank them over like 3-4 hours. You may need more as you're bigger, but probably not.
  15. start with cheap whiskey end with a 30 pack of coors extra gold lager nah but really start with 6 yuengling (bottles)
  16. I asked the same thing a few weeks ago... The trick is to smoke first, and then drink until you feel alright...

    Simple huh? ;)

  17. Definitttttttely not.. Your friend is retarded.
  18. Right now i have a headache i just needa smoke
  19. Meant to Say.. " I like to get High first"... not drunk lol didnt even realize. :smoke:
  20. I prefer to get drunk then high but it doesn't matter that much just beware of the can get preeeettttyyyyyy badddd

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