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Smoking and drinking??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wayytoognar, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Yoo, so I have a question. What is the proper protocol for smoking and drinking? I have had nights where I smoke and drink together and been fine, yet I have had nights where I am drunk (but not feeling sick), come home and smoke a bowl then find myself throwing up later. Is it bad to smoke after drinking as opposed to smoking DURING Drinking? what about Smoking before drinking? :confused: Any input helps! Thanks a ton!!
  2. i smoke then drink then smoke then drink then smoke then drink then smoke then repeat.

  3. Im just going out on a limb because i don't drink, but some drugs increase the effects of others. In this case the mj is making the alchohals effects more powerful and you threw up. Again. Just a guess.
  4. I smoke every time i drink pretty much. It calms my stomach because i don't eat much so i ALWAYS drink on an empty stomache.

    Although while im drunk if i took a bad hit of a beat bowl it might make me gag for a sec. never threw up from it
  5. Sounds like you drank too much and would've been throwing up anyways. Self control is key kiddo.
  6. That's how I do it.

    A little experimentation won't kill you op. Figure out what you like best. Nobody here will be able to tell you that and there is no "protocol."
  7. If I smoke when I'm drunk I get the spins, but if I smoke when I'm buzzed I get crazy stoned. Whatever you have more of in your system is going to determine how you do
  8. I know what you are talking about.

    I'm the same way. do not know what your body type is but I'm 140 ilb. and have a good tolerance to beer if I put 8 - 10 drinks back i'm drunk but never get sick or hungover .

    If i put 8 drinks back and smoke i always get sick. But i notice if I smoke first then get hammerd i'm fine plus its much more enjoyable. I find i get really fucked up if i have 2 -3 beers and then smoke.... my 2 cents
  9. I like this rhyme..."Grass before Beer, you're in the clear. Beer before Grass, you're on your ass".

    I'm normally pretty okay toking up while drinking since I have a high tolerance, but if you're already WAY DRUNK, I find toking up just gives me the spins and makes me go puke. So ya...toke up before and a little during but not while you're really, really drunk. I find I don't even notice the effects of weed when I'm really drunk anyway, so I don't toke up then. I find it to be wasting my weed. o______o

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