Smoking and drinking?

Discussion in 'General' started by Neeva, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. So, I drank and smoke tonight, I had a couple shots then I smoked. Now I just feel incredibly drunk, and vaguely stoned. But really really drunk. Is anyone else like this, where they just feel really drunk? Or do you feel something different?
  2. I normally get the spins when I drink and smoke. Unless I drink a couple brews after some weed and smoke later on. If I drink and smoke I normally wind up with a headache. Alcohol for me is a drug that I don't mix with others.

    But I get the same way, I feel way more fucked up off of a beer and a joint than three beers alone or three joints alone.

    I prefer to drink when I have no access to herb or im with family. Only way I can stand them is with some kinda changed state of mind haha

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  3. two shots and some wine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  4. Lol sounds like ur a lightweight! & to answer ur ?? Yes that has happened. Usually most weekends after a pack of Boulevard and several eigth of dank. I feels u.

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  5. Never once have had a good experience with alcohol with or without marijuana on the side.
  6. That's rather unfortunate good friend!

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  7. Not everyone can handle it I guess, If you can drink it without puking or being an asshole ALL THE POWER TO YA lol BUT I CANT!
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  8. Woah Woah sir, nobody said I wasn't an asshole. Phaha

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  9. Oh yeah I get real messed up when I drink and smoke. Especially if it's some quality bud.
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  10. Get high a hour before you drink and again after your first drink you will be fine

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not

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