smoking and drinking

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  1. So i'm just wandering what you guys think about smoking and drinking at the same time, does it ruin your high or does it improve your high?

    For me personally, smoking and drinking gets me fucked, like physically fucked, where i can't even move lol, i love it, it usually makes my high stupidly intense, sometimes too intense, where i'm at the point where i don't even know what's going on.
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  2. Usually I feel the bud overpower the alcohol unless I'm really drunk but in that state I'm most likely not smoking bud. I don't do it often unless its only beer because it gives me the spins too easily.
  3. Yes, you've unlocked one of the greatest mysteries that has plagued mankind for centuries. Cannabis and alcohol intensify each other. So kids, if you're out there and reading this, take my advice...Don't smoke the cannabis and drink the alcohol together and then drive a car. You are only asking for big trouble. Better to stay home and chill.
  4. I always feel the alcohol overpower the bud because I can smoke all day, but I'm not a real heavy drinker
    see its weird man I've been a daily smoker of 2gs a day for over a year and I still feel the bud overpower alcohol. Everytime. Only way it womt is if I'm stumbling belligerent deunk
  6. haha that's crazy man how much do you weigh? I weigh like 160
  7. 220-225
  8. yup that's the difference right there haha
  9. Bud doesnt over power liquor, liquor doesnt over power bud

    They hold hands and both proceed to fuck you over lol
  10. I'd really only drink a couple extra stout beers with a sesh. My body gets locked up and I go all Stephen hawking on someone's ass.

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  11. If i drink a beer or two after i smoke i become extremely tired and usually just fall asleep early. Not a total loss i guess.
  12. Its good if you can find your ballance. I usually drink a lot less if im smoking, and up until about 4 months ago I never drank without a bit of smoke. I got put on probation, and now I can drink occasionally, and I tend to over do it. (Like drinking a whole fifth to myself)

    What id usually do is smoke first, drink 6 or 7 shots, and if I wanted to go farther toke a little here and there. Then id drink beer occasionally to keep the drunk going.

    Overall its a pretty decent combo, if done responsibly.
  13. As long as I smoke before I drink I'm cool but if I drink 1st and then smoke once I'm drunk I get way too fkd up!
  14. The title reminded me of the Jazz song Sophisticated Lady.

    They say into
    Your early life
    Romance came
    And in this heart
    Of yours
    Burned a flame
    A flame
    That flickered
    One day
    And died away

    With disillusion
    Deep in your eyes
    You learned
    That fools in love
    Soon grow wise
    The years
    Have changed you
    I see you now

    Smoking, drinking
    Never thinking
    Of tomorrow
    Diamonds shining
    Dancing, dining
    With some man
    In a restaurant
    Is that all
    You really want?

    Sophisticated lady
    I know
    You miss the love
    You lost long ago
    And when nobody
    Is nigh you cry

    Is that all
    You really want?

    Sophisticated lady
    I know
    You miss the heart
    You lost long ago
    And when nobody
    Is nigh you cry

    Its a very sad song.
  15. Best feeling man I like to drink first and then smoke but you know what you should try dabs and alcohol .....let that sink in hahah ... That shts intense but awsome to calm my anxiety lol

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  16. I'm not too big on drinking myself cuz of stomach issues it causes me, especially liquor but I like having a couple beers after smoking
  17. I use to LOVE getting cross faded. It would turn me into this shit talking, rapping, shot taking, beer pong champ.
    Then I stopped drinking so much when I moved out of my apartment, and now it just makes me really high and then really sleepy. I had intended on drinking again once I was in a situation where I could (I can now) but then my boyfriend brought home dabs.. So I usually just end up doing that lol

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  18. I always stick to the words of wisdom I got told.  Beer and Grass you're on your ass. Grass and Beer you're in the clear.  :bongin:
  19. Hey, the weed in my system gets lonely sometimes.......
  20. Yeah around here they say "Drink before weed and you're fucked indeed" lol

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