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Smoking and Drinking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Funky Kush, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Something about alcohol...

    Anyways... being home from college these past two weeks to spend Christmas with my family my alcohol tolerance has surely gone down.

    Now weed is something I consider a daily necessity to myself not because it gets me "high" or "fucked up" like alcohol purposes but mainly for daily medication. Makes waking up easier, makes falling asleep easier, makes well everything easier.

    Ok my point to this drunken post is really well there is no reason.
    I am just ashamed I guess as to what america is now. I mean I pledged a fraternity this past first semester at college and really America looks so fucking stupid and we all know it.

    Why is this special drink so damn glamorized?
    It isnt even that great and I am honestly happy that I am home and can actually be that three beer queer with absolutly no alcohol tolerance that I was before I even left for college.

    I mean yeah its fun and all but I believe there is a time and a place for everything but alcohol is a big contender for that. As a fraternity member heavy and sometimes daily drinking is practically encouraged by your friends, brothers, and older members. Who of which should actually be your role models to a successful high paying future.

    I will never get to the point of daily drunkenness outside of college when I graduate as that is what I have pot for. I see alcohol to be that thing that just makes some of those college nights so damn fun.

    What are your thoughts on alcohol as fellow daily intakers of pot?
    I could never see myself becoming a full blown alcoholic as my job. Pot almost saves me from other bad shit problems like that. I just wanna get high...
  2. Lately (the past year or two) I've really lost almost all interest in alcohol in general. I partied hard in college (graduated 5 years ago) and slowly I like the idea of drinking less and less. I hate the hangover, and the hangover just seems to get worse as I get older.

    I don't even really enjoy the feeling of being drunk either. Feels unhealthy to me. Give me a nice high over that, any day.

    I'll never stop drinking tasty craft beers though, I just love the taste too much.
  3. The real mr lahey would be disappointed

  4. I know, I'm a disgrace.

    I am no longer the liquor.
  5. Im not really the type of person that enjoys getting drunk. I'll have a few beers with my friends every now and then as sort of a social thing, but I prefer toking up over drinking any day.
  6. #6 sektr, Dec 28, 2012
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    Oh Lahey, what has become of you? :cry:

    But @ OP, as a second year student I agree, it's ridiculous how much drinking and getting fucked up is pushed in university, and I'm not a huge fan of it.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm usually out at least one night a week gettin my drink on, but I've met countless guys that go through like a 12 pack every couple days just casually drinking beers all day long. That's not for me.

    Funny enough, you'll notice a lot of the guys that do drink basically every day will also disappear by the end of your first year. A lot of the stoners will too, but not nearly as many.

    I've grown recently to realize that substances all have their time and place, and I feel as though I've even outgrown daily smoking somewhat (ok, well, we'll see but that's what I'm aiming for :p). I never smoked to get fucked up, I did it a lot for the same reasons you do, but over time I noticed it taking a negative impact on my life and mainly my motivation and self-esteem.

    Everything in moderation friends, whatever moderation may mean to you.

  7. That was a great point that you made about people disappearing as I have already seen it start to happen some what and I already can guess at who will be next as there are too many dumb kids that go to university without their priorities in line and they see it like it is; an opportunity away from their "hellishly strict" parents and in turn they just get super too fucked up.

    It really is all about priorities and moderation as you stated.

    And I myself after buying my vaporizer about a week ago have also slowed my daily smoking habit down to only a couple vape tokes every couple/few hours and even those little tokes dont get me "fucked up" like most irresponsible kids look for but really it has turned more into an actual medicine I take every so often throughout the day to get well "clear"

    the difference between "clear minded" and "fucked minded" may only be a toke or two apart so caution must be taken, unless well its just one of those night haha :smoking::smoking:

    I would suggest you yourself purchase a vaporizer (MFLB is perfect for university students) as you said you too were working on slowing your intake habits.

    Just my two cents brothers!
  8. I can take it or leave it at this point.
  9. Im down for a tasty craft beer all day. But only 1-3, and Ive got such a low tolerance, one 20oz beer and I'm floating. But as with mr lahey, I dont really enjoy the "drunk" feeling.
    Just have a bit of smoke/vape/oil and Im set. :)
  10. marijuana>alcohol all day long.

    ive always like to drink at partys and stuff, but i'd smash every bottle of booze n pour of every can of beer, if it meant i got pot at the party haha, i've just always loved smoking... its just something about it, that makes me WAY more attracted to it. i love everything about weed, the feel, the smell, the taste, the parafernalia, everythingg haha.

    where as alcohol, its just like eh, yeah ill have a beer at a restaraunt, or ill play beerpong with ya.. shit like that, but if i could have a joint at a restaraunt... haha count me in

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