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Smoking and Dreaming

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by st0nedf0rm, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Hey blades.

    So I've always wondered whether toking right before bed causes no dreams? I rarely dream as I always have a bowl right before I sleep and a lot of my friend stoners are the same way.

    Also just joined GC yesterday although I've been here reading for over year.

  2. First off, welcome to GC, enjoy your stay
    In my experience when i have weed in my system i will not remember my dreams. But, during t-breaks, especially about 3-4 days in, i get these really crazy vivid dreams.
    So for me, yes, weed does cause no dreams.
  3. Yeah, same here with the t break dreams. They are always so emotional and intense and I think that's due to the lack of remembering when I smoke.

    Also just realized there's the exact same thread like 6 threads down -_-.
  4. Weed lowers your REM sleep I beleive, I smoke all the time and still dream though, try not smoking at night your dreams will be far more vivid.
  5. who cares?
  6. Why exactly are you typing?
  7. lol it was the most useless post ever
  8. i dream a lot more/better after i vape. usually when im sober i dont even dream.
  9. Not to go slightly off topic, but has anyone experienced different effects in regards to dreaming and weed use when it comes to brownies?

  10. Edibles will also cancel out dreams the same way smoking will.
  11. I never dream when I smike but when I'm on a t break or something I have the most vivid and weird dreams
  12. Same, my sleep is deep and dreamless after I've smoked. I have serious sleep issues, so it's a lifesaver for me.
  13. For years I had no dreams, or more characteristically, dreams I couldn't remember at all. Throughout the years I found that if you try to remember right when you wake up, eventually you will remember the entire dream(s).
  14. That's weird that I saw this thread. I haven't smoked since Monday and i have started having really lucid dreams the past 3 nights. Also each dream the past 3 nights has been a dream within a dream. I'll have the dream and realize its a dream then I think I've woken up and I tell people about the dream I just had but I'll actually still be dreaming.
  15. Yeah when I quit smoking I get really crazy dreams, like I fly in my dreams, become lucid.

    One time I became lucid and touched the t.v. screen (fell asleep on the couch) and I felt the t.v. screen, feeling is like one thing thats hard for me to do in my dreams but that one time I felt the static, felt the cold glass and that excitment woke me up cuz I knew I was dreaming.

    Another time I had a dream about a (1)firework warehouse that used to be a hospital/prison and had a wet dream with the cashier then I woke up and was still dreaming, (2)so I decided to fly away from my balcony (don't have) I could see this whole village/town I was flying over (winter time), once I got to a certain hight that dream ended, (3) I woke up into a neighborhood that resembles my hood, my family just moved into a duplex and we were being shown around this maze of a house by the landlord, my dad (who is dead) was frying pizza on a skillet, I didn't realize I was dreaming until I got a phone call from the cashier in the first dream, my dad had aswered and when I asked him who it was he was like "Oh, its so n so" I remembered the cashier and was like "I'm dreaming" I got excited by this string of events and woke up in my bed for real this time.

    All these dreams occured during times I had no weed, my tolerence breaks happen simply cuz I tend to smoke till I run out of money. Sad but true.

    Yes pot does either one of two things or both, it reduces ability to dream, reduces ability to recall dreams.
  16. Holy fuck bro that's some deep shit.
  17. I guess pot would be good for people suffering from night terrors or nightmares on a frequent basis, no more dreams.
  18. I don't know about smoking, but eating something right before bed always gives me amazing dreams.
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    Yes having food in the belly does lead to a certain type of dream.

    It is said that when one's feet hang off the bed dreams of flight often take place. Freuds book "Interpretation of Dreams"

    Edit: I would like to read some of Carl Jung's work I hear there was alot of heat between the two in terms of psychology and terms like Freudian or Jungiun have been coined.

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