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Smoking, and Depression

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Evilbert, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I have been smoking every night for the past year. This past month, ive noticed that my attitude and behavior has changed. I never really seem to be 'happy' anymore. I dont look at my self as a 'successful' human being. I have been trying to find an answer as to why i am feeling this way. I am curious if anyone else has become 'depressed' if you want to call it that. I am not trying to blame marijuana in any way for the way I feel. I just want to find out why I have been so down lately. I will be taking a short T-break in the next few days to see if my attitude or behavior has changed.

    Thank you.
  2. Smoking's made me slightly depressed but more aggressive as well. My buddy said it made him significantly more aggressive and less able to tolerate people. He quit smoking several months ago while as I've continued. Right now I can feel anxious when I smoke. Sometimes it feels as if my subconscious is freaking out and it totally defeats the calming purpose of weed for me. Maybe the beginning of panic attacks for me?
  3. Smoking has helped me become less aggressive more tolerant to peoples behavior and cured my depression, made me a lot more "chill". I think I've heard someone say that marijuana might cause depression because the person will miss the hyper realistic world of when you're high.
  4. methinks there are other issues going on, that are causing you to want to smoke every night. girl problems, family problems, financial problems, all sorts of things can trigger your reactive mind to want to blaze and forget about those problems

    take a couple of weeks off, get your $hit in order, and once your tolerance is nice and low, blaze up as a reward to yourself for taking care of business.
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    Well said. I've been in the same predicament before and have taken these exact steps. The reward is well worth the wait and I had a complete change of mind after getting my shit together. Enjoying Mary J's company has never been so fulfilling :)
  6. reverse effects for me... before i smoked i wouldnt get out of bed untill the late afternoonb.... like 3....... i would go between this state and a manic state... both of wich are very unhbealthy but MJ changed that :)....
    so my advice to you Evilbert is to take a good hard look at your life and find the source of your sadness and maken it go away

  7. Thanks for your input. I plan on smoking the rest I have tonight, (.5) and then going on a multi-week T-Break. How long? Depending on how I feel, if my thoughts of suicide have gone away, if my time of sadness has disappeared. I will reunite with Mary Jane im sure, but it is time to get my shit together.

    Thank you all for your input.

    Much Love
  8. Good luck dude.
  9. Have you been tired from smoking too much? Maybe you need to feel more productive or that you got more stuff done during the day. I think it would be interesting to see if a break helped you out. Good luck man.
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    I dont smoke to the level that I am a couch potato. I usually smoke, do my homework, watch some TV, then fall asleep. So yeah, I tend to be pretty productive most of the time.
  11. it must be something else in you life going on besides weed. Smoke weed helps me see the positive side of things and relieves stress. :smoke:
  12. Do you have to hide weed from your parents or anyone you live with? Maybe you're bored with the same old same old. Either way, whatever it is, a break is a great idea imo :) Hope you feel better too.
  13. Op, i feel you man. Only it's a tad different for me. When i smoke, i forget how unhappy(not really depressed... more neutral towards everything... like no enthusiasm for anything...kinda sad, but not at anything in particular) I am.
  14. I started smoking an became a fuckin pacifist pretty much.


  15. This is exactly what im going through as well. But instead of me forgetting how unhappy I am, it just brings it out more, and sometimes totally ruins the high.
  16. I know what you mean man...I'd say have a break for 2-3 months then see how different you feel, I almost guarantee you WON'T be depressed (once I felt terrible on weed - I'd had a month or so off then I was starting it again and one day I just felt absolutely shit...depressed, low, life had no meaning...quit for another month and I felt better.) I'm actually going through a similar-ish phase at the moment, not REALLY bad but still...I'm quitting again in a week or so (having had it basically daily since the middle of March...and it DOES or rather CAN make me feel rubbish - I never felt anything like this bad when I was on a break I can tell ya that!)

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