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Smoking and being in the health field?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by basedstoner, Oct 29, 2014.

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    So I'm in the process of becoming a CNA and I was wondering if anybody here who works in the health field how often do they drug test. I read that if a patient makes a complaint of some sort they can do a test, how often is that? Also I'm in Florida so the medical MJ might be coming soon. How does that effect the situation if it does at all. Thanks in advance.

    To cleaning shit and pee!

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  2. I don't know about that...
    From what I know the medical field remains very precarious.
    And they would rather not have rookie mistakes or OUIs at work.
    I think drug tests would be a norm. At a healthcare facility it would cost little to nothing for them to administer.
    So I have no doubt that they will. Not really a good field to dabble around in if you like drugs.
    Unless you like giving people drugs. Don't see how MMJ what affect much...
  3. It varies wildly between different employers. You could be drug tested on a regular basis, you could never have one. But in general, drug testing exists within the healthcare field. Be prepared. The majority do one pre-employment, and if you're suspected of drug use.
    In general, the larger the company you're working for, the more likely you are to be tested, and the more rigidly you might be tested. But there are exceptions. I worked in the ER at a very large hospital, and was never drug tested. And I talked to an RN there who'd never been drug tested in 28 years there. I wasn't drug tested at the first EMS service I worked at either. I work at a county and a private service now, both tested pre-employment, and the county service supposedly does random drug tests, but it's been over two years and I've yet to see one. I had to take a piss test once though, because I backed into a pole and put a dent in the bumper :laughing: Both will readily piss test anyone suspected of being high at work, stealing narcs, etc.
    I've never worked at a SNF, so I can't give any personal experiences with that. As far as being tested if somebody complains about you, I'd assume that's highly unlikely, assuming it's not a serious accusation like assault, stealing med, etc. That'd be too expensive, and a waste of time, quite frankly. If you are talking about serious accusations, or being sued, then it's definitely possible. Assuming the accusations do hold some validity....
    TL;DR, there's a good possibility you will be piss tested at some point, typically pre-employment. Prepare accordingly.
  4. So pretty much do your job and you won't get tested. I highly doubt I would be in a big hospital as my first job so I'll just feel it out. Thanks for the post.

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..
    So pretty much do your job and you won't get tested. I highly doubt I would be in a big hospital as my first job so I'll just feel it out. Thanks for the post.

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..
  5. Yeah, that's what I've read. I'm prepared to give it up but was just looking for some hope lol thanks for the post

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..
  6. My wife is a nurse and worked as a CNA through college and at every job she's had she only had to take a drug test for pre-employment screening. Every time she successfully used synthetic urine and didn't have to quit smoking for even a day. After you get hired you'll have nothing to worry about unless you are grossly negligent at your job.

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  7. Thanks for the post. I'm trying to see if I have a legit hookup for piss if I need any lol. That's what I'm starting to see, as long as you do your job you should be fine and I'm probably the last person you would think is a stoner.

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..
  8. If you're desperate, there's always, real, clean human piss, fresh or freeze dried.
    I've never had a bad experience with Quick Fix or iPee either, or anything. I've used U-Pass as well, but those weren't lab tests. If you choose to use synthetic urine, make sure to check the laws regarding uric acid testing in your state, and get a brand with it if necessary.

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