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Smoking and Acid Reflux?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Mx2, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking for 6 years now, and within the past 3 months I've been experiencing bad acid reflux and indigestion. It's gotten to the point where I burp many times a day and I end up burping up burning stomach contents 1-3 times a day :/ I know it's not the smoke but my bad diet of too many acidic foods and beverages causing this, but is smoking (marijuana and cigarettes) making this worse? If I were to quit smoking for a month or so would it help? I know that if I have bad acid reflux I don't feel like smoking but I'm not sure if it's actually effecting it (negatively or positively). I'm going to ask my doctor when I get my prescription refilled, but I was about to smoke then I thought about it so any answers would be appreciated!
  2. for the sake of science why not take a month off and report your findings?

    a lot of smokers ive met complain of reflux and indigestion.
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    I don't think I'd quit smoking for a month for the sake of science.. for the sake of health maybe, if smoking actually is the problem.

    EDIT: I'm going to smoke a small joint now, I've never really noticed if it makes it worse or better because once I'm high I don't think about it, but I will report back and let you know if it made it worse or not.
  4. its will just be a bad diet eating the wrong things i am guessing, and a lot of them too with the munchies? haha
  5. Yes, I have read (a few different things) that said smoking stimulates the stomach to produce acid. Not as much stimulation as when you eat a meal, of course. But enough to make you notice something, particularly if you already have acid reflux! I will try to find the articles and I will post them here to source my claims.

    But yeah, in my opinion smoking does have an effect on your stomach but if you had a healthy stomach you might not notice.

    I have acid reflux, btw, which is how I came upon the articles in the first place. I'll find 'em for you. :cool:

    I sometimes drink a little bit of vinegar for my acid reflux. I know it's disgusting...
  6. Thanks for the information mon1ca! Does the vinegar really help? How much do you drink? I usually have a prescription for it but I'm currently out so I'm relying on Maalox (chewable for during the day and the night time liquid for before bed)
  7. i get some nasty nasty nasty heartburn sometimes. to the point where i have gone to the ER. The last few times iv been in some serious pain i just smoked a fat bowl. It was just the trick i needed to have to pain go numb so i could fall asleep.
  8. Smoking does make this worse, my girlfriend has very bad acid reflux and smoking does make it feel worse for her. Vaporizing doesn't bother her quite as much but still does a little bit. I think it is because it also dries out your esophagus a which also affects the acid reflux, but don't quote me. Smoking cigarettes also affects it as well so if you smoke weed and cigs, I would try to stop smoking the cigs for a while and see if that helps.
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    Okay, thank you everyone. I'll do my best to smoke less (cigs and weed) and maybe try to cut out the cigs completely. I appreciate the help

    EDIT: Just took a maalox and smoked a joint, no acid reflux :D
  10. Just a thought but you may want to consider investing in a vape, as this will dramatically help your lungs, and esophagus. If you haven't tried one I would see if you have any friends or know anyone that would let you give it a try. I say this because the high is slightly different and much more uplifting than smoking.
  11. take some tums bro I get it once in awhile too tums is your hero
  12. It's not just once in a while, it's as soon as I wake up, most of the day (for short periods of times it goes away), and when I fall asleep. I've toyed with the idea of getting a vaporizer but I don't see myself using it a lot.
  13. I have acid reflux too, to the point where I also burp up stomach acid, and I always feel like I need to throw up in the mornings, all day sometimes. But weed is the only medicine that can keep it under control for me. I discovered this back in october one day when I had what I guess was a wicked stomach flu. I threw up 4 times that day, was in the bathroom on my way to a 5th when I had to idea to have my fiance turn on my vaporizer for me to let it warm up. Five minutes later after vaping i felt great. So the next morning I got up like usual I had that horribly nauseous feeling. So I packed a bowl and lit up and once it kicked in all the nausea and pain melted away and I felt fine. It fixes me every single morning when I have it. Dry spells are hard though.
  14. Have you been properly evaluated for gallstones, pancreas and liver issues, stomach cancer, gastroparesis and those sorts of fun things?:confused: Has he done the Ph testing to make sure its actually acid reflux (and not bile reflux, which requires a different treatment approach).Or is the doc just throwing antiacids at you?
  15. i have to hold my farts and shits all day in school, it sucks but in the hallways i let my fumes stank
  16. i have been dealing with smoking and acid reflux for over a year now. ive been smoking for about 6 years but only recently have i discovered my acid reflux. so in short, yes it does affect it, but it certainly doesnt cause it.

    basically - acid reflux causes a sore throat/esophagus becasue the acid is constantly coming up through your stomach and into your throat/esophagus. now, your throat is already inflamed and irritated because of the acid, you add on top of that the heat from smoking and youve got a very uncomfortable situation.

    there are a couple things you can do to make it more comfortable:

    1. invest in bong with ice catchers - the cooled smoke wont feel nearly as harsh on your throat

    2. stay away from joints/blunts - as hard as it is - the burning of the paper and the closeness of the smoke to your throat is a bad combination. the morning after i smoke a blunt i can tell that my throat is severely irritated, i used to smoke an L a day, i havent smoked on in like 5 months and it feels much better

    3. dont eat before you goto bed - i smoke at night, eat, then pass out, thats why i end up feeling like shit in the morning. with acid reflux you have to goto bed with an empty stomach. this is so there is as little as possible in your stomach to create acid and come up. so if you gotta munch dont do it right before you goto bed, and stay away from anything acidic. not like you eat a tomato right before bed time, but you know what i mean

    4. take prilosec OTC - i take a prilosec about an hour or so before i smoke, and one when i wake up, to eliminate the throw up feeling you get in the mornings sometimes. the prilosec basically pushes the acid back down into your stomach so that it doesnt irritate your throat.

    acid reflux sucks, dude, i totally feel your pain :(

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