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smoking an old bowl, whats your opinion?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by arox, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, been a little while since i've posted anything.

    I blaze before I goto bed every day, because I find that I sleep better,
    and I get lucid dreams more frequently if I smoke up before bed.

    Every now and then, ill just be too tired, and ill pack a fat bowl and just take 1 hit,
    then goto bed. The next day when I want to blaze, ill either smoke the rest of the bowl, throw some more bud on top of it, or just throw it out and pack it fresh, because I don't like the taste.

    What do you do in this situation?
  2. LOL i actually save it for a rainy day in a bag. I dont like the taste either
  3. I'd never throw it out but I try as hard as I can not to waste weed. Personally I think the taste is fine.
  4. I usually have a bowl ready next to my bed just in case I can't go to or back to sleep because I have some sleeping problems, when there is some left in the morning I always smoke it. I don't really mind the taste at all, can't even see why some do but eh thats just me.
  5. Never too old to smoke it.. taste doesn't bother me, high is high, lol.
  6. My opinion is to get the maximum of your high. Just pack bowls the size that you can clear in one hit without having to cough rate away. This will make it easier to hold it in and get the maximum THC effect.

    The sour taste your getting is because of the resin/ash thats been sitting so i dont recomend that you pack more weed ontop or just smoke already lit weed. Also clean your bowl after 2-3 uses will help.
  7. somtimes my eyes get bigger then my tolerance and i smoke half the bowl i packed and get RIPPED, so i save the rest for later/another day (usualy the next) and i dont have a problem with it

  8. good advice
  9. id smoke and finish it. why waste it.
  10. i always smoke it, its not like its been sitting there for months.
    taste just fine to me
  11. You'll get used to the taste. Stir the bowl up a little bit before you hit it.
  12. i do that shit all the time, i will pack like half a bowl or so in my bubbler and i will pass out after a couple hits, i just put my bub in my end table cabnet and spark her up in the mornin!

    weed makes me sleep so nice! just last night i had trouble falling asleep, went to bed around 11:30 (i smoked a bowl at like 8, so it wore off by then), but i was still sitting in bed awake at 12:30, so i got up smoked a tiny bit, 10 minutes later i was passed out asleep. i love MJ!
  13. HAHAH oh man, QFT!!!
  14. Word, lol. Taste can't be that fuckin' bad or different for me to toss it after a night.
  15. i always smoke one hit bowls because i need to minimise the smoke thats given off so i never have this problem :)
  16. just wrap it in something and put it in a kind of air and temp resistant place that's not in light

    i'd usually smoke it later or the next day (if i wanna smoke it longer than that I'll put it in a plastic bag and put it In a cool corner)
  17. +1

    I found I was wasting alot of weed by just smoking too big of bowls. I mean, you can only get SO high. I really found that I got just as high if I packed a smaller bowl....took decent size hits and wait about 5 minutes in between hits. Give it time to work...and with all the money you save you'll always be able to afford the dank.
  18. i like to smoke a bowl now and then but i hate the hot taste. a joint would do me better any day thats what i prefer:smoke:
  19. something i have noticed is when your getting down to the last 3-4 hits and you decided to save it then next day you only can squeak out like 2 hits
  20. Agreed i cant see why you would want to throw your weed out that sounds foolish

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