Smoking an edible?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by broompeople, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Hi guys! I was wondering what would happen if you smashed an edible and stuck it in a bowl and ripped it in a bong? Would that get you high and taste delicious as you're smoking it?

    Food for thought.
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  2. Try it, let us know
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  3. :eek: :bang: :lmafoe: :judge:

    No, just no. There will be shit in the edible that will fuck your lungs up.
    How old are you?
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  4. Uh, Noooo. Fat is not good to smoke.
    Neither is Sugar.
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  5. This has to be a troll post. Please. It has to be.
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  6. image.jpg "Food for thought"
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  7. This seems to be par with the OP's other posts. I can't tell is this is a noob or someone trolling.
    OP, never smoke food, unless on the grill.
  8. Lol sorry guys, no I'm not a kid, I'm 19. I was really high at the time I wrote this and was thinking up some weird shit
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  9. broompeople, I hope to get that high one day! Keep that imagination, it's priceless.:weed:

  10. "I'm 19" aka a 9 year old billy
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  11. I hate when people use the "I was really high" excuse like smoking makes you forget common sense :laughing: . Don't blame the weed. Blame the education system :smoke:
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  12. Or an idiot who is not welcome on an adult forum. Maybe try to gain your wits before posting nonsense in the future.
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  14. Here's granny dropping knowledge bombs
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  15. I thought he meant an edible pot and was wondering what the question was.
  16. Well we're trying to figure out what you said to.
  17. Unless I've been doing something wrong pot is both smokeable and edible. At first I didn't get that the edible is a food other than pot. Anyhow, yeah, you can't smoke fat (back).

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