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  1. I'm quitting smoking weed for a few months until I'm done with highschool, but I've found myself smoking a lot of cigs. I've considered putting tobacco through a coffee maker to remove all the nicotine (dont wana get addicted), but it's a lot of work and I'd need to re-roll them too. I still like smoking something, especially when driving. Has anyone had any experience or seen any good alterntives to weed and tabacco? I need something cheap enough, and something that I can still function on.
  2. believe it or not. chewing gum helped me quit ciggs.. however i have been trying for years to find something that will replace weed.. i dont think it exists..
  3. Cigars, don't inhale them. Fun to smoke and tons of variety, lots of different kinds to try, and you can get some decent cigars for around 5 bucks that'll burn for 1-1.5 hours. Just a suggestion, they've been a decent substitute for me since I can't smoke weed, I'll go out side and just relax and smoke on a nice cigar, it's relaxing and fun.
  4. I don't have a problem quitting weed or cigs. I just want something to smoke. I don't really care about it's composition as long as it wont really fuck me up.
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    Try smoking peppermint tea, its got a bit of a cooling effect and tastes alright.
    Better than tobacco.

    Also, consider getting a hookah and some nicotine free shisha
  6. I've asked this in the past and am also interested.... I just love smokin...
  7. Have you tried electronic cigarettes? You get the whole hand-to-mouth experience, plus the deep inhale and exhale that produces what looks like smoke. But it's just vapor. Plus nicotine and flavors, if you want. Various electronic cigarette products are reviewed at
  8. Nice post count.
  9. hahahaha.

    I too was going to go with the hookah.
  10. Hookah's are great, you can get a nice rig going ~$150.

    PM me if you want some more info

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