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Smoking Alone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PurpleTurtle, May 28, 2009.

  1. All my friends make fun of me and call me a "loner" for smoking alone.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather smoke with friends, I just cant most of the time.
    and its not like I'm ditching them to go smoke by myself, I just do when I'm alone.

    so GC, is there anything wrong with smoking alone?
  2. Theres definatly nothing wrong with it, I toke by myself when I'm going on a video game spree all the time.
  3. Not in my opinion. I don't do it a WHOLE lot, but I actually really enjoy smoking by myself some times. It's just about personal preference I guess.

    Also, I seem to get much "higher" when I smoke alone if that makes sense. And not just because I'm smoking more.
  4. Ha I personally dont see anything wrong with it...but thats cause i smoke alone as well. I just like weed and getting high, i can be alone or with people to enjoy it:smoking:
  5. unless its with close friends or family, ill rather smoke by myself
  6. i mostly smoke with myself. dont get me wrong being out and smokin with friends is great and all but a lot of time i would rather just hang out at home and toke and relax. depends on what mood your in really but you should always try to make time for both. experience the best of both worlds :smoking:
  7. I do both. It's relaxing to just smoke by yourself, it seems to me that I always get high quicker, save weed, and it's faster to be done with. Then you can just chill, jack off, eat YOUR OWN FOOD, play games or w/.

    Getting high with friends means allot of laughs and fun times, but wastes your weed, especially if your friends a mooch, watch what you eat, and you can't do what you wanna do half the time because you're 1 friend doesn't want to.

    Just be like me and do both.
  8. Smoking with friends is a good time, but I enjoy (and often prefer) smoking alone.
  9. Nothing wrong with it. 95% of the time I smoke nowadays is by myself. In college it was the opposite, 5% by myself.
  10. it's all good. my friends used to call me an anti-social smoker
  11. Smokeing by yourself now and then is great. all ou have to worry about is what you want to do.

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