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Smoking alone vs smoking with friends

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skippyluvs, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. If you had to choose between the two which one would you pick?

    Vote :)
  2. haha i almost feel as if this is aimed at me... =/
  3. I'm trying to avoid smoking alone tonight....not enough stoners on campus lol
  4. i usually smoke alone and chill with my wife.. but smoking with a friend or two is still fun
  5. I feel higher by myself but usually have more fun w/ friends
  6. i totally agree
  7. I like smoking with friends cuz if there high you kno u are :p
  8. i love smoking alone and then going out for a bike ride with some good music
  9. I smoke alone every once in a while, but I would much rather smoke with my friends because it's just a lot more fun. Plus we always smoke each other down so it's not even like I lose any weed.
  10. Smoking with 1 or 2 friends any more than that and you can get some people acting like asses, and they hog the Joint
  11. I smoke alone alot. But when friends are around I like smoking with them also.
  12. i have done a fair amount of both...
  13. most ppl who like to a ekomslone do it because of the risk factor. i like to smoke with friends, its alot more fun. i especially like smoking with girls. its alot more fun!
  14. Haha it surely wasn't, purely coincidental :)

  15. Yes I can see that as one of the many factors that influence the way people smoke. However in my experience I've noticed that there "seems" to be a trend where the more intellectual and critical types tend to smoke alone and the more recreational types smoke with friends. What about others, what have you experienced in this regard?
  16. Friends man, you gotta' spread it all around, till' the whole block smells of herbal essance. I know i've done my job when all my neighbors come over to the fence and say, "How's the party?!?". Ahhh u gotta' love those redneck drunk ass neighbors.
  17. I would definitely choose to smoke with my friends. It's not that I don't enjoy smoking alone, it's just that when I smoke with friends it's just always a great time.
  18. I prefer smoking alone because you can do whatever you'd like. I also love smoking with my friends but seeing as we are usually at my house, I have to worry about what show they want to watch and things like that.
  19. Considering I always am the only one with weed, alone..
    I've smoked my friends up on multiple LBS
    I'd rather match with someone than smoke alone though. It's just calming smoking alone.
  20. i like smoking alone for the same reason. you can do whatever you want. i usually kick it and play guitar or draw.

    friends are good too, because i have a couple that are completely ridiculous and make me almost die of laughter every time we blaze. it's all a matter of the situation.

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