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Smoking alone gets me higher than with friends.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Apocrypha8, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I just hotboxed my bathroom on a bowl and im higher than when I smoke more with friends. I'm ripped.:smoke::D
  2. Good for you dude :D
    Yeah I actually enjoy getting high alone a lot. I'm not an anti-social person or anything, but I feel like my experience is more, I don't know, pure or something.
  3. i like smoking alone because you can just do whatever you want and literally beeee freee
  4. Yea getting high alone can be a great thing, i trip out 3x more than with friends.
  5. wouldnt this be because you smoke more alone? if you did a bowl with three friends, you would only smoke a third of a bowl vs alone you smoke a whole bowl

  6. Well duh ^
  7. whoa dude, you hotboxed on a bowl? gnarly
  8. you kinda hold yourself back when you smoke with friends
  9. smoking alone >>>>>> you do whatever you want and get twice the hits

  10. Actually, if you smoked with 3 friends you'd only smoke a 1/4 of what you would by yourself.
  11. that's pretty much it right there. and no stress of having to deal with another all.
  12. Also when your alone, the social barrier is gone, you feel free to do and be anything you want. Love smoking alone and just thinking about pointless things! like why the fuck their is a unicorn staring at me!
  13. I met a gnome yesterday. Smoking alone is the best
  14. I smoke alone quite a bit but I love to smoke with my friends too. I guess I'd prefer smoking alone because I can smoke as much as I want and do whatever I want :D
  15. Smoking alone is the polite thing to do. It might be awkward if I excused myself to masturbate.
  16. You're alone with your thoughts.. and you get to do whatever you want
  17. Id say smoking with my girlfriend is better than smoking by myself cuz we both enjoy the same things and theres sex:hello:

  18. Lol simple math is hard
  19. Obviously, you get all the weed rather than sharing it.
  20. [quote name='"smoke lota dope"']Obviously, you get all the weed rather than sharing it.[/quote]

    It's not that. It's like different environments, it alters your high.

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