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Discussion in 'General' started by lman_15, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. ok whats ur opinion on smoking alone??? like do u smoke alone and if so how often... cuz i havn't and i dunno i think it would sorta be wierd... but i'm gettin a lock on my door soon and most of my friends are goin away for camp so what do u think??? also would it be safe 2 smoke in my room if i got a lock from the inside???

  2. What do you mean by it being weird??? I smoke the bud all the time with just myself adn I know alot of other people do too. Smoking alone is simply no different than smoking with other people other than your with other people. The weed doesn't magicely change or anything like that when you smoke it alone, lol
  3. I really like smoking alone. You won't be laughing your ass off and geeking out like you would with friends, but it's more spiritual. Get some really good music, some string cheese or floyd or something and chill. It's almost like meditation to me.

    Also, I would highly suggest the shower for smoking, if you have a window and it's not right next to the parents room. I run the shower and toke next to my window, then i hop in the shower to make my room smell all showery, then i burn some candles in my room to get everything out. It's great, plus, people don't usually walk in on you in the shower.
    If the shower isn't an option, I think it'd be okay to smoke in your room. Some people on here say to smoke under the covers, but I've never tried it.

    If your parents want to know why the door is locked, just tell them you were whacking it or something. They'll understand.
  4. ye cuz i live wit my parents if i burnt incence my mom would ask why what would be a good reason???
  5. like the way it smells?
    that's the reason why people buy that sort of thing anyways, for the smell.
    there isn't really a reason to burn incense, it's just because you like it
  6. cmon man your killing me here, can't think of one good reason???

    You want your room to smell good mabye
  7. I can garuntee that your parents will be suspicious if you suddenly get a lock on your door and weird smells are creeping out from under it. If you really wanna risk it make sure you stick a towel or a shirt down in the crack beneath your door so the smell doesn't leak out as much.
  8. start buying/using inscence a week before you start smoking in your room

    or something

  9. my mom knows i smoke, and i was with a friend im not supposed to smoke with. we smoked a bowl, and i had bought incence for the first time in years. my mom walked in after we put away the bowl, asked whats burning, i said incence, and she left.

    if your mom isnt the suspicious type, just burn incense while you smoke and tell her you liked the smell. i doubt your mom is gonna search your room and question you over some incense.
  10. ya whenever I smoked alone I just stay in my room, put on some psy trance, and watch winamp visualizations for a hour or so--by that time I'm not high anymore.
    But still its not that boring.
  11. smoking alone can be way funner then smoking with friends cuz you get higher cuz your not sharing it
  12. i smoke alone most of the time i smoke. it is the best because i just relax, listen to music and shit like that. i think i prefer it to smoking with people most of the time
  13. I smoke alone everyday, before i meet up with friends to smoke again. its a very enjoyable experience.
  14. smoking alone in the most chill environment can be really cool and almost better than with a bunch of people.
  15. smoking alone is a very accelerated way of growing up. i have been doing it a lot for the past several weeks. i suggest it with some NIN and some old photographs. It makes you do a lot of growing up.
  16. ummm.. a towel UNDER the door.. in my experience smoke goes UP

    smoking alone is ok, i sorta like it but not as much as i used to. i ended up smoking whenever i had the chance to. spent up all my money on my cravings and had none left over to smoke with friends. just don't do it on a regular basis... and shit i thought we were all adults here.. "my parents this, my parents that".. apparently grasscity should crack down on the minors here
  17. what exactly do you mean by growing up.. ???????????????????????

    and how the heck does weed fit the picture?
  18. ^ Probably helps him realize his priorities in life.
  19. I smoke alone all the time when freinds arent available to hang out with.

    Mose of the people I smoke with dont enjoy smoking alone, as for me, I love it. Kick back, listen to some music, watch some movies, its great.
  20. so if i was goin 2 have a shower (i have a shower in my room) could i put a towel underneither the door leading into my room and the door leading into the washroom and then just burn some incense in my bathroom and leave a window open and then go and have a shower??? would it work or would the smell escape and my parents find out???

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