Smoking after your wisdom teeth out

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Are you going to smoke after having your wisdom teeth out?

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  1. Okay, first off i got my wisdom teeth out and slept for about 2 hours, then another couple hours go by and my dad hands me 2 vicodin for pain, and i go in the bathroom and smoke 2 bowls out of a gravity bong and it was the best high id had in a while, and lasted for 3 hours, i got up at 1am and took another vicidon and smoked 3-ish bowls out of the gravity bong again and its currently 4:08 and im just coming off the high, so for everyone worrying about smoking after you get your teeth pulled, i had all of them removed and i was fine smoking out of a gravity bong and a roach and was even eating ramen a couple hours after i had them pulled toke on!
  2. Dry sockets aren't fun. I know from experience. How old are you? Got mine out when I was like 17.
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  3. Only fear is anything that involves sucking like a j or bong. Seeing as your gravity bong doesn't is just being drawn in.

    For mother of god don't squirt salt water into the holes. That hurt like a mother fucker.

    And you wussie I only took 1 tylonal after I got my 4 taken out. Didn't even swell

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