Smoking after wisdom tooth removal

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  1. So this has probably been asked and anwserd like a thousand times already but after some searching I still don't know what to do.

    Basically I got all four wisdom teeth extracted this morning, but I'm not in any pain tbh. My jaw is kinda sore to open but that's it. They gave me some pain meds (Tylenol 3's, I was so disappointed lol) and I've taken 2 already plus an Advil and the antibiotics they prescribed.

    I know it hasn't even been 24 hours yet but can I smoke? I know that there's risk of dry socket if I do so is there anyway to avoid that? I usually smoke tobacco/weed mixed in a special piece through a bong (we call them poppers where I'm from. Little psa, don't smoke poppers. you'll regret fucking up your lungs, it's too late for me so I don't really see a point in stopping now lmao).

    My plan is to barley even open my mouth and try and pull a very loosely packed/small amount, and I even if I didn't finish 'popping' it (pulling the whole toke through the piece/downstem in one go) I wouldn't push myself to finish it if I started getting pain. I would also be drinking water before and after each hit. Or would a joint/smaller pipe be a better idea? Or am I stupid for even thinking about smoking rn thanks!!
  2. Wait at least a week unless you want dry socket. You don't want dry socket. You won't be able to smoke and you won't want to smoke with dry socket

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