Smoking after wisdom tooth extraction

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  1. Hi, I couldn't ask my dentist this question even though I have a medical card because my mom was in the room and she doesn't know, but I was wondering if it was safe for me to smoke marijuana after my extraction. I got my wisdom teeth removed 10 days ago and when i smoked I was fine, however last night i took a piece of food out of one of my gums and it started bleeding. It only bled a little for about 5 mins and I rinsed it with salt water multiple times and it doesn't hurt, however I want to make sure I'm ok to smoke within the next couple of days since I am attending a festival. I called the dentist and I know for sure that it isn't dry socket. I'd love to get professional advice but unfortunately it isn't possible for me and I tried multiple times to search the internet, but I haven't found anyone else with this same situation.

  2. Lmao why's your mom go the dentist with you if your over 18? I'm saying your a billy who's under 18..
  3. Someone needed to drive me after I got my wisdom teeth pulled because I was on meds.
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  4. My bad billy why was your mom in the room though? If you have a mmj card I'd of just said in front of her it's not like she can say shit if everything is legal:confused_2:
  5. Because I live in her house and so I have to follow her rules. She's against smoking marijuana even if I have a medical card and i'd like to not get kicked out. Anyways some actual advice would help me, not interrogation just because you think I'm underage and you don't understand strict parents.
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  6. Lol your moms lame then my parents let me smoke weed and its not legal where i live..I don't have any advice to give you I've never had a tooth removed lol
  7. Yeah I assumed that.....
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  8. I'd wait 24 hours then smoke up just to be safe
  9. I’ve been through four wisdoms, three extractions.....
    Quite simply; don’t smoke.
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  10. This is he best advice I did and ended up with a big abscess and it hurt like fuck
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  11. I don’t ‘get’ a dentist (et al) that DOESN’T say; “No smoking”.
    I was told that, specifically, each time they ‘went in’.
    I don’t understand....
  12. Definitely stay away from big bongs. LoL
  13. Dry sockets is the big thing you are trying to avoid and since cannabis dries the mouth, it may be best to wait. I understand your desire as I'd rather deal with pain through cannabis than pharmaceuticals.

    Look at it as a way to reset your tolerance level. It's always nice to have a puff after a week break. Good luck with the healing and don't forget to do your salt rinses.
  14. Dick post.
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  15. Yes I agree replying to something I put 2 years ago is a "dick post" by you.

    I'm pretty sure if I looked through all of your posts I'd find you being a dick somewhere, but I'm not going to do that because it's kinda pointless just like your reply to me.
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  16. I was wondering how that smoking worked out for him?
    Dry socket ain't no joke.

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  17. Well, I don't go out of my way to berate people but sounds like you are older and wiser now.
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  18. Well yeah that's true but there was no reason OP couldn't ask the dentists the question if weed was legal where he lives.. not like his mother could do anything :confused_2: it'd be like her having a pop at him for drinking a brew & being of the legal age :laughing:
  19. People who don't come from strict families have a hard time understanding what it's like having hardcore parents. Plus, what's the point? I don't think a dentist would give an underage person advice on cannabis. So many in the medical world don't even understand the plant and automatically say it's bad for you.

    Western medicine has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the good green herb.
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  20. I don't really think Cannabis smoking would help that heal, more harmfull draggin on anything after having any teeth pulled.
    Now a THC infused Orajel might work nice.
    Next genius innovation. If it's not already innovated.

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