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Smoking after tooth extraction

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by earth2emily, Jul 19, 2017.

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    Last edited: Jul 20, 2017
    hey guys, I've seen a lot of posts about smoking after wisdom teeth extraction but what about just a normal extraction? All my wisdom teeth grew in, except one was too hard for me to get with my brush so it led to decay and I had to get it out Monday at 4pm. It's now 530 on Wednesday. My dentist said 24hrs before smoking but I've read things that have said 48-72 as well. I REALLY DONT WANT A DRY SOCKET. But I'm also on my week vacation from work and it's ending soon and all I want to do is get really really high. I smoke weed to help my anxiety so I hope you guys understand my paranoia lol.

    Tell me what to do guys!
    Smoke or not to smoke and if smoke, HOW?

    Ps. There are no stitches in my wound. It has scabbed over already. I know not to pull hard but I'm worried the smoke in my mouth will cause a problem. My boyfriend has been shot gunning up my nose and it's a waste of time and I'm not getting high.

    Ps.s my tolerance is really really high. Usually sit there and smoke 3 bong bowls to myself in a sesh and have about 8-10 sesh a day.
  2. Push down on a cotton ball on your socket and smoke away.
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  3. Dangit, you beat me to it. :D I would only point out that rolled up gauze fits better in between the teeth.
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  4. Good point, gauze would be much better than a cotton ball.

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