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smoking after surgery.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by stickodoom, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. this more of a question for a doctor but maybe someone will know. I got jaw surgery about two weeks ago which leaves me with a 1/2 centimeter open wound in the inside of my mouth. Nobody has told me i'm not allowed to smoke, but i told them i didn't. Does anyone know if marijuana smoke could get the wound infected?
  2. I would smoke then rinse with mouthwash :)
  3. No dude, dont smoke, plesasse dont, this is your health. If you dont smoke you're only making your healing time MUCH faster which means u can be smoking like a chimney sooner.ddddd

  4. Don't.

    Make edibles like SammySess said, if you really wanna get some THC in.
    I only had 1 surgery, to remove my appendix (which isn't is as bad as jaw surgery..), and I didn't smoke for a month.
  5. Totally agree w/everyone else. I think your routes are edibles/tinctures.

    Get well soon! :)
  6. I ran two terms through my list- "surgery" and "healing"- these are what I got.

    Cannabis effective at relieving pain after major surgery (news - 2006)
    Cannabis effective at relieving pain after major surgery

    Cannabis 'best for pain relief' after operations (news - 2006);col1

    Involvement of the endocannabinoid system in periodontal healing. (abst - 2010)
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    Differential Expression of Cannabinoid Receptors in the Human Colon: Cannabinoids Promote Epithelial Wound Healing
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    New frontier for medical cannabis -- topical pot (news - 2007)
    Cannabis News - New frontier for medical cannabis -- topical pot

    The cannabinoid receptor type 2 is time-dependently expressed during skeletal muscle wound healing in rats (abst - 2010)
    PubMed home

    They might give you some interesting reading while you heal.
  7. i just had major reconstructive jaw surgery, i tried making weed tea to no avail and alcohol tinctures would be far worse than smoke. i've read some people still smoke after mouyh surgerys but idk
  8. KushKreeper, try a glycerin tincture! NO sting, and it tastes sweet! It's used as a base for kids medicines and you can find it at the local health food store. My List has the "How to make it" in Methods of Use- Tinctures. Just click that first link in my sig.

  9. wow thanks, i will definitely check that out. =)

  10. it isn't so much the smoke that's a nono..its the vacuum action used to up on the condition 'dry socket' often seen in dental work.

    a big wound in the mouth will have the healing area stressed, and cells harmed/ruptured by the 'suckage' ;) then those white cells will rush in to kill the little buggers (germs) trying to get control of the area via the 'cracks' in that borderline of cells...(sounds like a war huh...well it is, your body fighting infection)...swelling, pus, PAIN...maybe fever...nasty nasty times, that can be avoided, by just not sucking.:D

    edibles and tinctures would be best, as others have already recommended.

    ...even plain old cannabutter on toast is far better then a puss filled, stinky, throbbing, oh so painful mouth.:p
  11. I know the particles in smoke won't be good for you. But if you're not feeling edibles and have access to a vaporizer you could try gravity vapor hits. No suction, no smoke.

    I've never had mouth surgery, so I don't know if it's 100% safe, but it sure sounds better than smoking.

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