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Smoking AFTER studying?

Discussion in 'General' started by RenegadeHaze, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Sooo pretty much I have a test tomorrow (I'm in a community college). I usually forget stuff that happened WHILE I'm high, which is why i was planning to study sober, get high, then take the test sober tomorrow. However, would I forget the stuff I studied while i was sober if i get high AFTER im completely done studying?
  2. it's community college brah.
  3. Haha Mitch hedburg. Dude just study, dont smoke, do the test, smoke your brains out.
  4. [quote name='"thunderfunk"']it's community college brah.[/quote]

    What is that supposed to mean?
  5. Means I went to community college for a year before I transferred to a different school. And it was easy as fuck. Aka- get high before during and after.
  6. As someone who is also in community college, its a joke. Get high before, during and after class. Its community college
  7. [quote name='"thunderfunk"']Means I went to community college for a year before I transferred to a different school. And it was easy as fuck. Aka- get high before during and after.[/quote]

    Was also wondering this. It's my first semester so I don't really know what to expect when it comes to being high and studying at a college level
  8. I smoke after I study all the time.

    Normally my reward, like if I sit down and do an hour and a half of good studying now I'll smoke a bowl and study until I fall asleep.

    Always worked for me :smoke:
  9. I get high before doing anything. I can't speak for you.
  10. I just finished college with DeVry University. My classes were all online. I would usually smoke some good weed after finishing an assignment for a way to relax after the assignment was finished. I sometimes used it as a reward or incentive to actually do an assignment. The sooner I got that assignment done, the sooner I could smoke or have free time. Sometimes I would smoke while posting in the discussions or while doing assignments also. It would really help especially if you were feeling stressed from classes. Just hit some weed and I felt better.
  11. personally if i were you i would not. study hard, sleep, wake up, last minute study. that process has been proven to help the brain remember to its fullest potential, aside from long term studying that is. smoking weed will just cloud your brain, lose part of what you have learned, and in your sleep lose even more.
    when you sleep, your brain becomes deeply active. that process is your brain wiring and making connections with everything that happened during the day, starting with the freshest memory. studying before you sleep with ensure the best results the next day, that is, if you dont smoke up.

    i know this through 2 years of studying psychology. not some made up fact or something i think i know. dont smoke brah, even if its a community college.

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