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Smoking after pulling an all nighter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AgnusDei, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Do you get higher after being up for a really long time? Or would it be just the same? :confused:
  2. seems like later int he night after ive been up for like 15-17 hours my highs aren't that great. when i first wake up however; thats a whole other story. :smoking:
  3. Doing it right now actually. Just smoked about 30 mins ago, and have another bowl to go. Once I get more into my high, I can tell you if it lasts longer or not.
  4. i used to do that all the time in college...stay up for 24+ hours then smoke. makes for a very relaxing sleep. gives a different kind of high i think. i felt like i was way higher than i would usually be from a bowl and would laugh hysterically at nothing at all. it might be because i was overly tired but it was one of my favorite times to smoke. and i wouldnt say it lasts longer...i usually passed out after the second hour of being high
  5. i heard if u dont sleep for a day or 2 it makes you hallucinate when u smoke
  6. i stayed up for three days and did not hallucinate - so i'm going to call false on that one.

    however, i do get a lot higher when i haven't slept a lot.

  7. Naw, but you are certainly higher just because you are a little 'high' from a lack of sleep.
  8. i did it alot this summer, after a certain point of smoking after an all nighter i dont get any more blazed, then eventually i just start getting tired :mad:
  9. If you stay awake long enough you hallucinate just from sleep deprivation so If you stay up long enough and smoke it would make sense that you would hallucinate

  10. That's logic for you.

    I think sleeps necessary for a good high. Wake 'n bakes get me noticably more high than at any other time.
  11. Staying up all night and then smoking will give you an initial 'huhuhuh' type high that will swiftly turn into an intense draining of all energy and will catapult you into a deep sleep.
  12. ^ exactly what i was thinking.

    i like smoking right after i wake up 10x more or right after work if i haven't smoked all day. im sure youd get pretty fuckin baked if you stayed up for 24hrs w.o smoking and then smoking to end it...
  13. This is about right. You can't even tell if you're high or just really tired and then you fall asleep. It's good for sleeping, but a waste of trees. I work nights during the summer so I smoke some when I get home (like 3-5am) and it knocks me out and I don't remember shit the next morning. That's what I'm aimin for though.

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