Smoking after probation

Discussion in 'General' started by SarahLew17, May 28, 2019.

  1. my paper work says I’m off probation on May 27th which is today, am I allowed to smoke?
  2. Are you in a legal state?
  3. Yeah Michigan
  4. Then...unless it was stipulated that you couldn't...wouldn't you have been able to have it ON probation? At very least if it's after I'd say you're in the clear.
  5. I have to wait to sign my paperwork because of the holiday, that’s why I was worried if I could or not
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  6. Noooooo wait for ur paperwork but have a joint rolled in the car
  7. Nah man, wait then cut up and roll a joint ON the paperwork ha
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  9. Ive been all threw it,,,wait until u have to sign papers or w/e because theyll prolly drop u one last time

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  10. No because if it’s stipulated in the paper work she still couldn’t do it.

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  11. Risk it and smoke a fatty! YOLO

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