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Smoking after getting Tonsils removed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Chipcobler, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. My friend is getting his tonsils removed at the begining of our winter break and he keeps saying that he can't smoke for like a month after he gets them removed. I'm kinda bummed cause he's usually the one I smoke with the most. I'm sure the doc told him not to smoke but he probably meant cigs... has anyone here smoked after getting their tonsils removed? I know coughing would be bad but if you take small enough hits then you shouldn't cough. thanks
  2. brownies, the smoke and heat would put him at risk 4 infection
  3. Oh my goodness.

    Dude, he will not be able to even SWALLOW for at least a week and a half. I had mine removed a year ago and I was in pure AGONY. I literally had to sit and think for 3 minutes and then FORCE myself to swallow.

    He will not be smoking anything for at least 3 weeks if he's smart and doesn't want to be in a world of pain.

    He'll probably be high enough already on the pain killers which will either be percocet or vicodin. Hopefully perc, that shit is sooooo nice. That was the only enjoyable part of that experience.
  4. HAHHAHA i searched this on google.. just cuz i might get mine out soon and i'm a regular smoker so i didn't wanna be lucid for too long and was wondering if i could stand a few hits.
    i didn't think i would be able to from the way the doctor explained it to me.. it sounds awful.
    but i mean.. could you be a beast and do it?
    not like mega beast but you know what i mean.

    i guess baking is the only option unless you're crazy?
    what about vaping?
  5. I'm not going to lie, he probably won't be smoking for about a month. You could always hotbox with him in the room, that way he isn't taking massive hits. This all depends on the circumstances though, strength of strain etc...
  6. Umm, do what the Doc says. Bake some brownies or better yet, brownie fudge ice cream!. There is no high worth the risk of infection after surgery.
  7. Had mine removed about a year ago, tried to smoke horrible idea. Tell ur buddy to just wait and if anything he can try to hot box but its not advised
    if anything take 3 percs that hell prolly be presctibed hell be more high than he can ever imagine
  8. Dont smoke for a few days.

    Dont need any infections. Or stiches comming out.
    Wait at least 5days. before smoking again. tobe on the safe side.
  9. whoa this thread couldn't have come up at a better time.
    one of my chicka friends got her tonsils removed yesterday and i was gonna get her high on saturday.

    looks like we have to wait a while :(

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